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Photo taken from the back of a boat showing the Norwegian flag and a great landscape

Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund

KNBF is an interest organization for recreational boating in Norway that works for a better boating life on nature's premises. Being Norway’s largest interest organisation for recreational boating, one of the goals has been to be more visible in the media and to get more traffic on their website.

Meltwater helps KNBF with


Media Monitoring

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PR planning and outreach

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Dedicated support


Keeping track of mentions

Meltwater helps KNBF with keeping a close eye on specialist magazines that write about boating. Also, Meltwaters media monitoring is used to keep an overview of when local boating associations and boat crews are mentioned in the media. "Meltwater started by setting up a search which contributed to giving us a check of our own mentions, followed by a search which monitored mentions of other boating associations. A good start for getting an overview of our area of interest".

Monitoring relevant topics and opinion leaders

Monitoring relevant news, KNBF are also able to get insights about journalists who have an interest in our agenda. This helps KNBF with making even better lists of journalists to share their message. "One of the key issues for us at KNBF is the mandatory use of life jackets at sea for leisure boats. During the planning process to highlight this matter, my customer contact at Meltwater helped us obtain an overview of how many articles had been written about this specific topic and by whom".

Photo of a sailing boat
Geir Giæver, Communications Manager, Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund

"For us, it was about identifying journalists who had the same opinion as us, adding them to our media list and sending out a segmented press release"

Geir Giæver, Communications Manager, Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund

Media Monitoring and PR

Monitoring brand mentions and relevant topics

Meltwater helps KNBF with understanding the organisation's position in the media as well as key topics in the industry.

Identifying key opinion leaders

Additionally, Meltwater's press tool enables KNBF to identify and manage media lists of relevant journalists that are used to create and send out targeted press releases.

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