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Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Rio de Janeiro was tabbed South America's leading sports tourism destination by the World Travel Awards in 2018. This was due in large measure to the work of the Rio CVB. In their role as ambassadors and communicators, they know that their success generates wealth and jobs. They partnered with Meltwater to further Rio's promotion efforts.

Meltwater Enables Rio CVB to

Create media distribution lists that map to specific attractions and activities

Analyze the effect of their press releases with accuracy, detail, and timeliness

Share KPIs easily with primary stakeholders to shape and inform future efforts


Generating Awareness and an Increase in Visits 

The road to success in Rio de Janeiro runs through the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, the private nonprofit tasked with promoting tourism, congresses, and gatherings in one of the world capitals of fun. With so many rich themes to draw from and promote — from music to beach life to Carnival to Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains — Rio CVB wanted a reliable media communications solution to help position them better with national and international visitors and influencers.

They needed a modern contact database that could easily adapt to their changing priorities and campaigns by allowing them to target specific audiences. Identifying and engaging the journalists and influencers talking to and writing for these audiences was important, as was the ability to geotarget by specific countries. Measuring effectiveness and continuously tweaking their approach plays a large role in their overall planning. They wanted detailed reports containing key performance indicators (KPIs) that could be shared with primary stakeholders and help inform their future efforts. 

Rio CVB Press Officer Alessandra Raulino says, "Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater's reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us."

"One amazing thing the solution lets me do is access the link of every article we pick up after we send out a press release."

Alessandra Raulino, Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau


Engaging Top Communicators and Detailed Reporting 

Rio CVB selected Meltwater for its complete solutions platform, providing traditional media monitoring, social media monitoring, a newsletter, an influencer contact database and a newsfeed. Every day Rio CVB features a different activity or subject, and Alessandra Raulino uses Meltwater's database to build media lists that map to each subject. The influencers tab is most useful in identifying and reaching out to effective communicators. 

After sending press releases, Rio CVB's press team can see every article that relates to their release and how publications choose to report on it. Insight into their communications is provided by media monitoring along with on-demand reports that can be easily generated and shared with others. Raulino says her reports are efficient and save her from having to find a separate solution to analyze the effect each release is having. She prizes her reports' accuracy, level of detail, and timeliness. 

The press officer says, "Meltwater shows me not only the articles that were published verbatim, but also the articles that were rewritten based on the information we included in the release."

"Every day we use the influencers section in the platform. It's how we find the best people to work with."

Alessandra Raulino, Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau


Meltwater Helps Rio CVB  

Build distribution lists centered around subject and geography 

"Let's say, for example, that the subject is security. Using Meltwater, I can build a list that is entirely focused on influencers that have recently covered security. Because some topics require geotargeting— delivering different content based on our audience's location— I'm able to divide my list by country."

Measure the effectiveness of their targeted messaging 

"Every day one or more times I check my Meltwater inbox to know just how Rio de Janeiro is being mentioned in the news and to get any insight into the level of pick-up after we send out a press release. If I didn't have Meltwater, I wouldn't be able to measure the effectiveness of our targeted messages."

Manage the varied demands placed on their communicators 

"Our main job is to keep the influencers around the world informed of all the good things that are happening in Rio. Rio is a city that has culture, that has technology, art, and so many other good things. The Meltwater platform is big and powerful enough to help us manage all of this richness and diversity."

— Alessandra Raulino, Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau