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realme is a new technology brand catering to a young consumer market. Offering trendsetting designs and a superior customer experience, the company makes it their mission to let more young people enjoy the happy life brought by the beauty of technology. Established in 2018, realme focuses on mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) products and is the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand. realme has a global presence including Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa. It’s active throughout the Asia-Pacific, including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

Meltwater Enables realme to

Have one suite of tools that can be used to track performance across regions

Keep abreast of competitor activity and innovations all over the world

Influence strategies and messaging for global and regional campaigns


The Product PR team at realme is responsible for measuring and monitoring the global brand exposure. This includes share of voice (SoV), media mentions and product mentions. They want to grow brand awareness and keep an eye on what other phone brands are doing around the world. . In addition, they want to measure the performance of local and regional PR teams for:

●       Middle East and North Africa 

●       Europe

●       North America

●       Asia-Pacific

To keep up with the fast-growing company, Product PR Manager, Ian Huang knew he needed tools to help track global media mentions and to help each regional team operate at maximum effectiveness.

“realme needed one platform and a good dashboard to help track and evaluate the global impact of our brand”

Ian Huang, Product PR Manager, realme


Meltwater’s media monitoring platform,  provided exactly what realme needed. Meltwater covers global regions, tracks mentions across different channels, and provides a dashboard to show how different regions are performing. This allows Ian and his team to evaluate the performance of the brand and determine sentiment across the globe from a single platform.


With the data produced by Meltwater, realme is able to contribute to global messaging strategies to ensure consistency for the brand. In addition, they are now able to perform competitor benchmarking and determine media SoV. This helps the PR team identify trends, keep on top of industry topics, and research competitor offerings, especially for new innovations.