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Plan International

Plan International is a non-governmental advocate for children's rights and girls' equality in 76 countries, including 12 in Latin America and the Caribbean. They reached 34.2 million children through their work in 2018. Meltwater provides the Latin American offices with media monitoring, a social platform, and analytics.

Meltwater Enables Plan International Latin America to

Monitor individual mentions country by country to gauge the impact of local actions

Generate detailed reports within very specific time frames on highly relevant issues

Acquire a more nuanced understanding of Latin America's vast media landscape


Promote and Measure the Progress of Key Campaigns 

From their founding more than 80 years ago during the Spanish Civil War, Plan International has been providing relief to children. Their ambitions have expanded in tandem with their size and presence: two years ago, they committed to transforming the lives of 100 million girls by 2022. Communication comprises the core of their strategy, including campaigns designed to encourage participation, partnerships, and sponsors. 

Plan International Latin America launched a complementary marketing campaign, Girls Get Equal, in October 2018, targeting the high incidence of unplanned pregnancy and forced marriage of adolescent girls in the region. Prior to launch, they knew they needed a comprehensive suite of media intelligence tools and a provider capable of serving as more of a partner than a vendor. They wanted guidance on achieving a greater positive impact on social as well as traditional channels. Analyzing and interpreting their impact in each country they operate in was critical. They also needed the ability to prepare complete media coverage reports in a timely manner. 

Regional Communications Manager Juan Carlos González Díaz says, "It wasn't long before we saw Meltwater's potential to provide everything we needed in a single platform, with clear visibility into every locality we work in and in-depth analysis."

"The Meltwater platform provides us with first-hand analysis of a huge base of online sources, on-demand."

Juan Carlos González Díaz, Regional Communications Manager, Plan International Latin America


An All-In-One Solution with Best-in-Class Tools 

As Girls Get Equal and other campaigns are launched and start acquiring traction, Meltwater's platform enables the local offices to monitor the mentions individually, country by country, and gauge the impact of any actions they've taken. All measurements are done in Meltwater. The social media platform allows Plan International to enlist girls' rights advocates as influencers and win converts from among the younger audience they're able to engage with. 

Plan International Latin America targeted October for the launch of Girls Get Equal because October 11 is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of the Girl. While the campaign is still in its early stages, Communications Manager, González Díaz, says that the metrics have justified the decision to select Meltwater for their campaigns and launch when they did. Feedback from individual countries has revealed healthy engagement, and also uncovered new opportunities. 

Advancing their campaigns is both an urgent priority and an ongoing process, and González Díaz credits Meltwater with playing an important role in his team's education. "I use Meltwater's advanced search often to adjust the countries, media, keywords, and linked concepts. The results I get back give me a much better understanding of Latin America?s vast media landscape."

"Meltwater is great for generating reports about media hits within very specific time frames and about very specific topics relevant to us. Being able to zero in on results helps us focus our resources on where they'll yield the best results. The insights we've gathered from the platform continue to point the way to new avenues for getting our message out."

Juan Carlos González Díaz, Regional Communications Manager, Plan International Latin America


Meltwater Helps Plan International Latin America 

Frame the conversation in Latin America about girls' human rights 

"We believe there is an undeniable connection between having Meltwater function as a key strategic partner in targeting and fine-tuning our message and the way the Latin American media talks about girls' rights. They're also helping us determine whether ethical standards are being adhered to and how we should frame news of this sort."

Monitor and measure the impact of their campaigns country by country 

"Our 'Girls Get Equal' campaign is quite recent, but already the monitoring and metrics we've performed in the individual countries with Meltwater confirm that our greatest opportunity to make an impact is around October 11, the UN's International Day of the Girl. This data really helps us focus our efforts."

Benefit from having a communications partner rather than just a vendor 

"My Meltwater consultant has been of great help in finding media hits that link our organization and the positive impact we're having on the girl population within Latin America. I know that on the backend, it's not always an easy task because of the nature of these searches, but the Meltwater team and their tools have made the work seem effortless." 

— Juan Carlos González Díaz, Regional Communications Manager, Plan International Latin America