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Photo of a Peermont hotel


Peermont Hotels, Casinos and Resorts is an award-winning hospitality and entertainment company operating 12 properties located across South Africa and Botswana. Renowned for its excellence in design, development, ownership and operation of multi-faceted hospitality and gaming facilities, guests partake in fine dining, relaxing hotel stays, exciting casino action or soothing spa treatments— offered in unique safe and secure, themed settings.

Meltwater Enables Peermont to

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Receive Accurate Publicity Reports

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Gain Valuable Competitor Insights

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Easily Access Coverage on Mobile


PR Deliverables That Need To Be Met

In order for Peermont to establish if their PR efforts were successful, they needed to work with a team that shared insights and reports - all of which, from a PR point of view, also needed to be accurately tracked and measured. 

Besides reporting ROI, staying ahead of their competitors also proved to be challenging. Peermont had limited access to resources and felt that times were changing too quickly for them to keep up. They needed a media analytics company that could help them stay ahead of the curve. 

Photo of a Peermont hotel
Julie van Wyk, Public Relations & Customer Care Manager at Peermont

"What you put out from a PR point of view needs to be tracked and measured. Before Meltwater, we were using a competitor but found that is was time to move into a more digital operating company. Now, with Meltwater, we are able to get accurate publicity reports, gain valuable trends and competitor insights, and easily access customised PR reports as and when needed."

Julie van Wyk, Public Relations & Customer Care Manager at Peermont


Meltwater's PR Solution

Peermont's competitive status and industry-leading margins are driven by a strong, entrepreneurial management team and capable staffing complement, who are all driven by unique corporate values and a desire to succeed.

To maintain this standard, Peermont looked for a different, more modern service provider to solve their business needs. From the ability to easily share relevant articles with their management team, to the exciting system features that they found refreshing, Meltwater has met Peermont's expectations in addressing all of their challenges. 


Meltwater Helps Peermont Hotels To   

Receive Accurate Publicity Reports

"The monthly reports provide us with extremely valuable information with an overview of our PR efforts, and it paints an accurate picture of what we are getting right and where our challenges are."

Gain Valuable Competitor Insights

"It's important to keep up with trends and to see what our competitors are up to, and Meltwater has made it easy for us to do this. We need to keep ourselves in check and see if the PR we generate is affecting the business in a positive way. The insights we have gained from Meltwater help us to answer this."

Easily Access Coverage on Mobile

"I absolutely love the Meltwater mobile app. I can access the app anywhere and share our coverage on social media and share insightful industry news with our Executive team in real time. To be able to share articles through WhatsApp is very convenient."

— Julie van Wyk, Public Relations & Customer Care Manager at Peermont

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