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Ogilvy & Mather Namibia is a full-service advertising agency and partner of the largest marketing communications company in the world, WPP. Founded in 1996, Ogilvy Namibia has grown into a dynamic, 21-strong office that was awarded the African Excellence Award in the Corporate Advertising category for their commitment to outstanding PR, communications and marketing strategies. A few of their many clients include Checkers, Castle Lite, KFC and DSTV. Today, Ogilvy Namibia is recognized throughout the continent as leaders in innovative thinking, brand insight and marketing thought.

Meltwater Enables Ogilvy & Mather Namibia to

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Manage What They Measure

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Stay Up-To-Date With Trends

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Keep Clients Happy


The Need for Outside Insights

Ogilvy Namibia's rapid expansion, particularly over the last year, made it impossible for them to effectively track online media using manual methods. It was resource-intensive to manually analyze all relevant online media, decode complicated reports and manage all their digital platforms from different spaces. 

Ogilvy understood it was time for effective social media monitoring tools to help them save time and uncover deeper insights. The need for an automated solution, as well as more intuitive reports, lead them to seek out the services of. 

Furthermore, the company wanted to discover influencers who could help with extending their audience reach and partners who would help with research and training on their digital platforms. 

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Kat Madondo, Ogilvy

"The support from the Meltwater team was tremendous in terms of educating us on how best to use the platform. It's so easy to use — all our digital managers grasped it immediately. We have been in contact with the Meltwater team through all possible means of communication including site visits and conference calls. Instant feedback is provided. Working with Meltwater is indeed more like having a partner than a third party supplier."

Kat Madondo


Becoming Trusted Leaders in the Digital Industry

Since starting with Meltwater, Ogilvy have seen a marked improvement in the caliber of their mediated reports. Thankfully, they are now able to assign values to otherwise unquantifiable metrics, giving them a better indication of overall brand health. 

As a consequence of the automated reporting and intuitive, the well-known advertising agency now spend less time looking at individual pages and trying to decode statistics and reports. With their extra time, Ogilvy have focused on growing the Digital Strategies Department and have grown into a trusted leader in the digital industry. It also helped that the Meltwater team was readily available to help Ogilvy at any time with any issue.


Meltwater Helps Ogilvy To 

Manage What They Measure

"Once we prioritized Meltwater, the increase in campaign awareness, engagement and support was evident. The size of donations grew and we tracked our growing media coverage. This year, we've picked up 74 articles written about us, and we expect that number will just keep growing."

Stay Up-To-Date With Trends

"Learning new things and staying ahead of the game is key in the advertising industry. Meltwater has allowed Ogilvy to not only keep updated with trends, but also to create them, establishing Ogilvy as a thought leader in a dynamic, competitive industry." 

Keep Clients Happy

"We spend less time looking at individual pages or trying to decode statistics and reports. We have grown our department and have become a trusted leader in the digital industry."  

— Kat Madondo