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Photo of a NIIT building with staff members


NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is building a manpower pool for global industry requirements. The company, which was set up in 1981 to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, today ranks among the world's leading training companies owing to its vast, yet comprehensive array of talent development programs. With a footprint across 40 nations, NIIT offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions.

Meltwater Enables NIIT to:

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Monitor coverage in real time

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Aid strategy & decision-making

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Keep up with the competition


Digital shift requires digital monitoring solutions

Since its launch in 1981, NIIT has always been a pioneer with its integration of technology in the education sector. They have established themselves as global leaders in skills and talent development by addressing the paradigm shift towards digital. In recent years, the company has accelerated their digital initiatives by introducing various programs such as,, StackRouteTM , DigiNxt, NIIT Cloud CampusTM to name a few. Because NIIT is a B2B and a B2C organization, consumer reviews and feedback, along with industry alerts, are crucial to their operation - especially in an ever-evolving digital and technology ecosystem.

Prateek Chat terjee, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing, NIIT Ltd.

"Real-time alerts have been key for us. We need dashboards that can tell us where the bulk of mentions come from, their reach and their impact. We then leverage the insights to decide where to focus resources moving forward."

Prateek Chat terjee, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing, NIIT Ltd.


Real-time Monitoring of Brand Awareness and Impact with Meltwater

With the Meltwater platform, NIIT has been able to automate daily searches for mentions of the organization and its programs across various centers around the globe.

The platform provides NIIT with a real-time in-depth understanding of how their brand is interpreted by the external audience, while providing a wealth of data such as share of voice, tonality, audience sentiment and many other metrics in reports for strategic decision-making.


Meltwater Helps NIIT To

1. Monitor coverage in real time

Real-time insights help us stay ahead and adapt to the changing ecosystem. By providing deeper insights into the coverage, crisis management has become more prompt and actionable. Moreover, response turn around on customer queries is monitored frequently ensuring a healthy client servicing department.

2. Generate reports to aid strategy & decision-making

The monthly reports give us the metrics to visualize large changes over time, which in turn help us gauge the overall performance of our business and initiatives. For example, on the launch of 'DigiNxt' campaign we observed a 90% positive sentiment from our audience, therefore depicting success of the initiative which naturally directing us towards the next steps.

3. Keep up on competition

The share of voice metrics helps us benchmark ourselves against key players within the industry. It is imperative to know how and where the community members are acting in real-time since this impacts our product development and communication efforts.

Screenshot of the Meltwater media monitoring platform