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Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties specializes in resort rentals and sales along Florida?s Northwest coast. They operate out of a city dubbed "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village," but know that success depends on hard work. Meltwater's media intelligence and communications platform helps give Newman-Dailey their edge.

Meltwater Enables Newman-Dailey to

Monitor local markets and stay on top of the latest industry trends

Tap into social media conversations and connect with influencers

Acquire competitive intelligence including recent coverage and social media conversations


Standing Out in a Crowded Field  

Newman-Dailey is in the enviable position of being able to stand out from their perch in the city of Destin on Florida's Emerald Coast. Along with pristine white sand beaches and sparkling water is some of the world's best sportfishing. Add to this a stellar reputation— their 4.7 rating on Trip Advisor is based on nearly 8,000 reviews— and the property management company would appear to have it made in the shade.

Instead, they're subject to fierce competition. In attracting tourists and other visitors to their version of the good life, Newman-Dailey must jockey for position with countless other resorts in the region and throughout Florida. Communication solutions and media platforms play a critical role here.  

"I was a Cision client before switching," Newman-Dailey's Tracy Louthain says. "I used it mostly for the contact database. What I didn't have with Cision, though, was a marketing partner." 

The communications and marketing director needed a stronger media intelligence and monitoring solution, as well as a partner to help generate new customers. She also saw the need to continue to grow Newman-Dailey's reputation as local experts, which led her to Meltwater. 

"What Meltwater brings to the table is a superior media outreach and monitoring solution. With a dedicated support team, we are able to ensure we are meeting our goals and metrics every time."

Tracy Louthain, Director of Marketing and Communications, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties


Developing a Deeper Connection with Customers 

Customer service has always been one of Newman-Dailey's differentiators. Despite their 30 years of experience—or perhaps because of it— they know they don't have all the answers. Consumer tastes are always evolving and adapting is a challenge. To overcome this and create ongoing success, listening to what the data is saying is key.

When Newman-Dailey switched from Cision to Meltwater, they plunged in head-first. The all-in-one platform includes media monitoring, analytics, influencer contact manager, and the online newswire. They use the platform to listen and engage in social media conversations. By subscribing to Meltwater Insight Reports, they acquire a detailed understanding of consumer habits and interests as well as what resonates with them when they're on holiday.  

Meltwater's comprehensive monitoring allows the company to track their core services using keywords including: vacation rentals, property management, real estate association management, and long-term leasing. Newman-Dailey uses the platform to aggressively market their experience and show that repeat business leads to profitability. 

"With the excellent media outreach, monitoring, press release distribution, and metrics all bundled together, it just made sense to go with Meltwater."

Tracy Louthain, Director of Marketing and Communications, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties


Meltwater Helps Newman-Dailey 

Grow their business using targeted monitoring and press releases  

"We use Meltwater to generate more traffic. We conduct industry searches and use the dashboards to monitor what's generating the most interest, whether it's road trips, the holidays, winter break, or summer vacation.We then use this data to create ideas on what to include in our press releases."

Connect with top travel writers via the influencer contract database 

#Newman-Dailey has monthly calls to prepare new initiatives and events. Every call has a different focus, where we build media lists for whichever areas we'll be targeting. In addition, Meltwater's influencer contact manager and database help us schedule one-on-one meetings with expert travel writers and journalists in target markets."

Stay on top of the latest industry developments with media intelligence 

"The intelligence provided by Meltwater's news digest is invaluable. I read it every morning to keep on top of the latest developments in travel, tourism, and everything happening with my competitors. The dashboards provide up-to-the-minute results and the Insight Reports factor into our special offers." 

— Tracy Louthain, Director of Marketing and Communications, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties