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Naga DDB Tribal

Turning brands into legacies is a tall order for any agency. As a full-service advertising agency in Malaysia, Naga DDB Tribal (Naga) has the added challenge of operating in a truly multicultural marketplace. With the population split between Bumiputera, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups and their corresponding languages, tracking brand sentiment can be difficult. That's one of the main reasons Naga selected Meltwater to help them gain a deep understanding of businesses and consumers in a culturally diverse environment.

Meltwater helped Naga DDB Tribal to:

Stay connected to their target audiences

Become a better agency partner to each of their clients

Identify new business and growth opportunities for their clients

The Naga way of delivering value

Naga delves deep to uncover consumer, brand, and cultural insights to discover creative and strategic ways to bring out the best a business has to offer. The award-winning agency focuses on the positive impact a brand makes on society and works to guide them through end-to-end marketing communications services that include:

-  Brand Consulting

-  Creative Solutions

-  Brand Experience

-  Performance Marketing

-  Ecommerce

-  Production

Due to this intense focus on culture, Naga has fostered long-term partnerships with their clients for more than 35 years. They work across diverse industries ranging from Telecommunications to Consumer Goods and from Quick-Service Restaurants to Entertainment, and they cover local and global superbrands. They also enjoy working with startups.

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Alex Goh, Chief Strategy Officer, Naga DDB Tribal

Over at Naga DDB Tribal, we're big on making measurements actionable. Meltwater complements our data suite by providing us with a sense of the "why" behind what we're seeing on our brand and competitive trackers, allowing us to maximise learnings and provide clients with clear implications.

Alex Goh, Chief Strategy Officer, Naga DDB Tribal

Meltwater helps Naga explore and analyse consumer behaviour

Meltwater gave Naga an easy way to use social listening to monitor brand sentiment, emerging behaviours, and larger cultural trends. This allowed them to better understand the consumer market for each of their clients. Being able to vividly articulate pain points, and gain insight into routines and aspirations, was instrumental in building the deep empathy their clients expected Naga to deliver.

This, in turn, allows Naga to become a better partner to each of their clients. Customisable dashboards and real-time conversations through the Meltwater platform enabled Naga to be proactive and improve their service levels. In addition to tracking conversations surrounding ongoing campaigns, they were also able to identify new business and growth opportunities for their clients by identifying patterns in trending conversations.

"Meltwater is a great addition to our proprietary suite of analytic tools," Alex says. "Through their highly customisable search queries, we are able to easily collate social listening that further supports and validates our thought leadership in spaces beyond traditional advertising."

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Alex Goh, Chief Strategy Officer, Naga DDB Tribal

Before Meltwater, it was a constant challenge being able to accurately predict which cultural trends were likely to become widespread, especially in a fragmented and demographically diverse market like Malaysia

Alex Goh, Chief Strategy Officer, Naga DDB Tribal

Why Naga made a Meltwater decision

Meltwater's fair pricing and commitment to providing around-the-clock support were big factors in Naga's decision to choose Meltwater's Explore and Analyse products. The easy-to-use interface provides a good balance between detail and clarity while eliminating time-consuming manual data collection and analysis.

The Explore feature has been a particular favourite of the Naga team.

"We now have access to up to 12 months of social listening," Alex says. "That's been a great help in analysing how sentiment around specific topics might have evolved over time."

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