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Momondo is a travel metasearch site that finds and compares offers on flights, hotels, car hire and package holidays. The company serves travellers across more than 30 international markets and is internationally praised for its unique offering.

Meltwater helps Momondo with

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Monitoring Editorial, Online and Social Media

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Analysing Real-time Interactive Dashboards


International press coverage in real-time dashboards

Momondo actively focuses on growing brand awareness through PR efforts in international markets. It is therefore very important for the company to monitor, analyse and understand all its PR activities. By using Meltwater's media monitoring tool, Momondo is able to keep a close eye on its position in the market and how people engage with the brand.

Meltwater's real-time dashboards showcase Momondo's media exposure alongside other essential KPIs. By leveraging Meltwater media analysis, Momondo has an up-to-minute view of press coverage and mentions. Furthermore, Momondo is able to stay informed about the industry and compare its performance against its competitors' through interactive benchmark dashboards. Such dashboards are fundamental in helping Momondo understand its position in the market.

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"Everyday Meltwater provides us with a necessary overview of current news and press exposure across our international markets"


Real-time Media Monitoring

Media monitoring of News and PR

Meltwaters media monitoring gives a comprehensive overview of media exposure of the company's brand, competitors and the industry, making it easier to understand and compare results.

A real-time dashboard overview of KPIs

Meltwater provides real-time graphs and dashboards that analyse the most important KPIs for the company. With interactive functions in the dashboard, Momondo is able to take a deeper dive into each metric in order to fully understand the company's impact.