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Mitsubishi car in action

Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Mitsubishi Motors Australia imports and sells Mitsubishi passenger and light commercial vehicles through a 160-strong national dealer network. Part of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation based in Japan, Mitsubishi Motors Australia provides people and businesses with a range of cars, SUVs and utes. Mitsubishi is a leader in plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Meltwater helps Mitsubishi Motors Australia to:

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Make smart decisions about organic media investments

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Gain deeper insight into the value of their digital PR efforts

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Inform the management team about the value of modern public relations

Meet Mitsubishi Motors Australia

The Product PR team for Mitsubishi Motors Australia is the primary point of contact for any media who require information about their products. They must ensure a constant stream of media coverage, including everything from media releases to vehicle launch events in support of both national and international markets. 

One way this is accomplished is by managing a national media vehicle fleet which is loaned to automotive media outlets for road testing and vehicle comparisons. Mitsubishi Motors Australia has extended access to the media vehicle fleet to lifestyle media and social media, where they are engaging new audiences not found in traditional channels.

As global interest in the EV market explodes, it has become vital for the Product PR team to engage with media in the environmental space to help start conversations about the contributions Mitsubishi is making to emissions reduction.

The Challenge Faced by Mitsubishi Motors Australia

The Product PR team needed to be on top of all media coverage but realised they were missing significant amounts of relevant coverage. On several occasions, the team would find media clips through manual searches that hadn’t been included in previous reporting.

In addition, the team were receiving irrelevant reporting from other businesses in the Mitsubishi Group that ran independently from the Mitsubishi Motors brand.

Lastly, the reporting they were receiving from media monitoring didn’t adequately reflect the value of digital marketing. The reporting was primarily focused on Advertising Value Equivalent, a challenging metric to quantify in the digital age. There was also a lack of clarity on social media impact and tracking. 

The PR team needed a product that gave more precise reporting on media coverage. In addition, they needed a better way to report on the success of their social media and digital impact.  

Mitsubishi Motors Australia needed a platform that could:

  • Identify all media coverage occurring for the brand
  • Quickly provide accurate, easy-to-digest reporting on media coverage
  • Produce meaningful metrics to their management committee
  • Demonstrate the value of digital marketing beyond assigning a dollar value
  • Show the full picture of what positive media coverage looks like in 2023.

“As the global interest in the EV market expanded, our Product PR team sought a more effective way to report and showcase the impact of our media relations, social media and digital efforts, highlighting Mitsubishi’s role in reducing emissions. We required a platform capable to quickly provide meaningful metrics from our media and social media coverage to Mitsubishi’s management committee, demonstrating the value of public relations beyond assigning a dollar value. Not only did Meltwater provide Mitsubishi with an improved communications platform to showcase our achievements, but the new platform also enhanced our reporting capabilities by offering more insightful data.”

Adam Davis, Product Public Relations Manager at Mitsubishi Motors Australia

The Solution Meltwater Provided for Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Product Public Relations Manager Adam Davis has used several monitoring solutions in his eight-year career in automotive PR. Meltwater made a good impression at both the company and the product levels, which contributed to Adam’s recommendation for investing in the media monitoring platform

“I first engaged with Meltwater about five years ago and was impressed with the care taken to understand our requirements,” Adam said. 

“Since then, I have sought them out to provide monitoring and insight services in both my subsequent roles.”

Adam cites a positive experience with his first account manager as part of his enduring loyalty to the company. 

“They have progressed through the business and are highly respected. For a business to reward a person’s capability and loyalty like that showed me something about the culture of Meltwater,” Adam said. 

“Beyond that it was the evolution of Meltwater’s product and my personal knowledge of how they adapt and evolve.  

“Specifically, it was the depth and quality of the monthly reporting available that appealed most.”

Not only did Meltwater give Mitsubishi Motors Australia a better way to communicate their successes, but the new platform enhanced their reporting capabilities with more meaningful information. Notably, the team was able to access comparison data for key competitors, both at the brand level and in a model-to-model layout. This allowed the team to quickly identify wins, track share of market over time, and use the trend analysis to direct their organic media efforts. 

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“Our solutions package includes media monitoring with app access and a curated daily newsletter that’s automated to targeted inboxes within our business,” Adam said.

“We also have a bespoke monthly presentation that reports against our key metrics, including sentiment, share of voice, reach and Meltwater reputation score. 

“This is where we gain the most value, as the reporting is tracked by humans primarily, so we gain insight into how a human mind engages with our content.”

With Meltwater for Automotive, Adam can get as much keyword information as he needs and at a level of granularity he didn’t have before. He uses the explore function on a daily basis.

“I can start with a wide-ranging keyword set but then drill down using filters to pull out the content I need, quickly and easily,” Adam said.

“I appreciate this tool because we can be as simple or as detailed as we like, pending time available!”

Both the corporate and product-focused PR teams are using Meltwater for Automotive. Mitsubishi Motors Australia now has a complete picture of the impact their PR efforts are having and can report with confidence. 

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