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Mentholatum China

Consumer healthcare products company Mentholatum has been at the heart of the growing wellness movement in the Asia Pacific region since 1983. Part of the Rohto Group, the company’s distribution spans across the world, including China, Singapore, and the Philippines in the APAC region. Their operations include various divisions overseeing marketing, wholesaling and distribution of its products.

Meltwater Enables Mentholatum To

Enhance evaluation of marketing strategies based on product review insights

Identify key positive or negative product sentiment through analytics

Significantly reduce times on reporting and identifying key trends in the market


Mentholatum’s ecommerce and marketing teams needed new ways to find out what their customers were talking about, but manually trawling reviews proved to be a challenging task. The teams were spending a lot of time scrolling through reviews on each individual ecommerce platform. Searching for product reviews became a time-consuming process.

For example, missing out on a new trending product by a competitor may affect their brand’s influence in the market. Mentholatum needed to quickly identify gaps in their strategies to maintain their position as an industry leader.

Mentholatum needed to track everything - product reviews, what competitors were doing, and what new products were coming onto the market. It’s so vital to be able to quickly and easily access all of this information. Keeping track of reviews is a great way to stay on top of what their customers wanted and needed.

“It's important to have a broad understanding of what people are saying about your company. Sometimes, a negative review is helpful because that opinion is telling you something important which you might not have encountered before, and this gives us as a company the opportunity to deliver better products.”

Jeffery Liu, Marketing Director, Mentholatum China


Mentholatum wanted the best marketing strategies that are tailored for its customer base. The company wanted to focus on analysing reviews on its products on various platforms to find out what people want. The teams used Meltwater to track the product reviews by using the URLs of ecommerce websites such as and Tmall. 

This helped Mentholatum to create a unique marketing strategy by focusing on the products to promote based on its reviews and sentiment. The brand tracked products ranging from skincare to hair treatment and medication such as balms and eye-drops.

It was important to Mentholatum that upcoming marketing campaigns were based on reviews for their current products. Feedback with either positive or negative sentiments were relayed to their internal or research & development teams. This information provided a clearer picture of what the consumers felt about their products and actionable options for the team to respond.