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Photo of Norway's Football Federation (NFF) team cheering

Norway's Football Federation (NFF)

Meltwater helps Norway's Football Federation with monitoring editorial and social media. NFF is currently the largest separate sports association in Norway with 30,000 football teams and 38,000 registered football players.

Meltwater helps Norway Football Federation with

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Social Media Engagement

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Media Monitoring

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Analytics and reporting


Engaging with the right communities

Norway's Football Federation uses Meltwater's social media management solution, Engage, to optimise community management. Since the company is able to publish and follow up with messages from all social media channels from one platform, they're able to save time and resources. “The tool makes it easier for us to follow up with various enquiries and comments across our social media. This means that we communicate much more easily with the target groups and create posts more efficiently and quickly.” - Mats Theie Bretvik, Head of Social at NFF, explains.

The tool makes day-to-day working more effective, as a result, everything in NFF's media channels becomes more structured.

Monitoring mentions across media

Norway's Football Federation uses Meltwater media monitoring to discover mentions and topics which are of interest to the federation. The company then looks at the results and enquiries from communities and uses the insights found to guide data-driven decision making, for example, adapting future content based on the prominence of certain conversation topics.

NFF receives daily email reports and ad hoc reports which show search results and analysis. NFF also receives mobile notifications which ensure that the federation is kept up to date, regardless of time and location.

Meltwater Customer Stories: Norway's Football Federation (NFF)
Mats Theie Bretvik, Head of Social, NFF

“We changed the content of what we post based on enquiries we receive. We monitor what the target groups want to see/read from us, then we adapt our contact strategy accordingly. This means that we reach the target groups more accurately. With the Meltwater tool, it is much easier for us to monitor what is said about the federation, especially what is said about potential competitors, topics and trends.”

Mats Theie Bretvik, Head of Social, NFF


Social Engagement

Social Media Management becomes more effective and efficient when the organisation is more easily able to keep track of and respond to enquiries from their community.

Monitoring across editorial, online and social media

By keeping an eye on the most important mentions of the organisation, its competitors and other relevant topics, NFF can be confident that they understand the full picture and use insight to optimise future decision making.

Reporting and analytics

Meltwater reports help NFF to understand what is and isn't working, prove return on investment and share information with relevant decision-makers.

Meltwater Customer Stories: Norway's Football Federation (NFF)