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Mediabrands Content Studio

MBCS is part of the highly respected IPG Mediabrands global group of media and marketing companies. With beginnings from 2009, the agency is focused on creating content strategies for Mediabrands’ existing clients in three main categories: branded content for media partners, digital content that drives performance and engagement, and long- and short-form branded original content.

Meltwater helps MBCS to:

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Get real-time insights and data so they can act quickly to create content, address concerns, or even build a new strategy around it.

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Provide support with our customer solutions team who are constantly available to help troubleshoot problems.

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Have a robust sentiment analysis for the brands they work with our wide coverage of data when it comes to sentiment tracking.


MBCS provides a suite of entertainment solutions, including the development of media, talent, influencer strategies, and production partnerships designed to grow brands.

MBCS operates in 20 countries, with its Malaysian operations now 200-strong.

"Meltwater gives us an opportunity to extract deeper insights from our target audience."

Challenges that MBCS faced previously

MBCS’s strategy and social teams need valuable social listening tools that provide detailed and reliable insights into the sentiments and comments being discussed online about both their clients’ brands and the brands of their clients’ competitors.

A spokesperson from MBCS said, “we monitor conversations in real-time. And this happens around the clock sometimes. This was important for tracking sentiment for crisis management purposes too, as we must be able to address sudden spikes—be they positive or negative—immediately.

What MBCS loves about Meltwater

Meltwater solutions helped improve processes and strategy development.

“It is useful to have all our analysts integrated into one company account whereby we can all use the tool at the same time, developing integrated dashboards which allow all platform metrics to be combined into one. This allows us to see what others have created and take learnings across how tracking is done and how brands are being measured.

Meltwater also has a fully customisable dashboard.

“These are a great feature as they allow us to mix and match the data and metrics required for different sets of clients and make it easy for the team to pull all that information into one cohesive report when tracking brands versus competitors. Again, here the real-time notifications have also been tremendously useful.”