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Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom (then known as Econet Satellite Services before their 2004 rebrand) was founded in 1997 as a satellite and voice operator. In 2009, Liquid Telecom launched their high-speed, cross-border fibre network that linked Southern Africa to the rest of the world. Now, Liquid Telecom provides services to more than 50 global wholesale carriers operating in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, as well as the national and international enterprise market. They set out to challenge the status quo, and now Liquid Telecom is changing the African telecoms industry, the lives of millions and even the continent itself.

Meltwater Enables Liquid Telecom to

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Provide In-Depth Insights on Specific Events

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Build Their Own Searches and Dashboards

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Trust the Accuracy of Data Collected


Needing Accurate Data Across Our Global Group 

As a global group, Liquid Telecom not only needed access to an abundance of data for their Hubs, but this data needed to be accurate and trustworthy so that they could make data-driven decisions. 

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Morne Sher, Marketing Analysis & Planning Specialist at Liquid Telecom

"There were multiple tools that was previously pitched to me, but they do not provide that same warm fuzzy feeling that Meltwater does. One of the key needs for me is the Social Listening. With the Meltwater system, I get these insights regularly. Additionally, I can also access daily news feeds on industry related events."

Morne Sher, Marketing Analysis & Planning Specialist at Liquid Telecom


Meltwater's Social Listening Tool

The Liquid Telecom team needed a media intelligence solution that easily gather insights to help inform strategic decision-making. The tool also needed solid social listening capabilities to track and make sense of specific and relevant events. When it comes to social media growth analysis, Liquid Telecom choose the Meltwater Social Listening Tool to assist them with achieving their business goals.


Meltwater Helps Liquid Telecom To

1. Provide In-Depth Insights on Specific Events

"Data is King and when using Meltwater, there is an abundance of data. With their tool, gathering insights is easy, as is finding a correlation between the insights and specific events."

2. Build Their Own Searches and Dashboards

"I like that I do not have to rely on a Key Account Manager (KAM) to provide me with a report or setup searches; I have full access to get this myself. But when I do need our KAM (Jade Cass), she is available immediately to provide answers."

3. Trust the Accuracy of Data Collected

"The most important aspect of the Meltwater tool is the accuracy of the data they provide. We trust in the data that Meltwater gives us."

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