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LinkAja is an Indonesian mobile payment platform whose goal is to facilitate smoother, safer and hassle-free financial transactions. First launched in 2019 and with investments from companies like Gojek and Grab, it has grown to become one of the top ewallet player in the country.

LinkAja uses Meltwater to:

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Keep a close eye on movements in the market and build the agility to quickly tap on opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

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Automatically report on key metrics such as audience sentiment, trending themes, and media exposure every time they run a campaign

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Consolidate both owned and earned media data into an integrated dashboard for a single source of truth


The digital payments and e-wallet space in Indonesia is projected to grow 5-fold to USD50 Billion by 2025, and many players are eyeing a piece of that very lucrative pie.

In this extremely competitive market, it is critical that LinkAja keep a close eye on movements in the market, have a clear pulse on consumer sentiment and build the agility to quickly tap on opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Before using Meltwater, LinkAja had no way of effectively understanding consumer sentiment around their brand and competitors. While the team was able to measure metrics such as engagement rates and reach of their campaigns, there was a gap in truly understanding how their consumers are responding to their marketing campaigns.

On top of that, with the use of multiple platforms and native measurement methods, LinkAja’s siloed reporting failed to give them a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the market.

As such, LinkAja required an efficient, robust and accurate solution to automate and consolidate their media intelligence efforts in one place.

Mega M Dewi, Marketing Analytics, LinkAja

“With Meltwater’s automated social media analytics, we get a real-time update on metrics such as our media exposure, sentiment analysis and share-of-voice. This cuts our man hours by up to half as compared to creating manual reports."

Mega M Dewi, Marketing Analytics, LinkAja


Enter Meltwater’s all-in-one media intelligence tool -- An AI-powered platform that provides LinkAja with a comprehensive understanding of their earned and owned performance, and in relation to their competitors.

Earned Media

For one, Meltwater tracks the largest number of data sources across online publications, social media, and forums that the Indonesian audiences were on. Meltwater’s easy-to-use Boolean search function enables LinkAja to deep dive into important conversation topics, such as mentions of the hashtags, #BerkahUntukSemua, #LengkapnyaUntukSemua and #PakeLinkAja.

LinkAja relies on Meltwater’s real-time social media analytics to track audience sentiment, trending themes, and media exposure every time they run a campaign. LinkAja can also assess how their campaigns have impacted their share-of-voice against key competitors like ShopeePay, OVO, and Danawallet.

The built-in automated Insight Reports helps make consolidation and dissemination of their monthly performance across the entire organisation a breeze. 

Owned Media

Beyond tracking organic social media conversations, LinkAja uses Meltwater Engage to track individual social media pages. By connecting both their owned and competitors’ social media pages to the platform, they can benchmark their social media efforts against that of their competitors. The insights and analysis would then be used to enhance their social media strategy. 

By consolidating both earned and owned media analysis on a single platform, the various teams across LinkAja now have a comprehensive single source of truth. This reduces friction between teams and speeds up strategic and implementation processes, which is crucial for moving quickly in the dynamic digital payments space.

Beyond access to Meltwater’s AI-powered media intelligence platform, the Meltwater Account Management team serves as an extension of the LinkAja team. For example, the Meltwater Account Management team would set up discussion meetings with LinkAja months before Ramadan to discuss campaign objectives and recommend measurement strategies.

Mega M Dewi, Marketing Analytics, LinkAja

“Meltwater’s ecosystem of media intelligence capabilities gives us a comprehensive, single source of truth about our brand and media performance. By integrating our workflows into one platform, this saves us so much time and costs we used to incur trying to consolidate information from different data sources.”

Mega M Dewi, Marketing Analytics, LinkAja


1. With Meltwater’s set-up deeply integrated into LinkAja’s day-to-day workflows, the team is able to cut the time spent on monitoring, measurement and reporting by half. As such, the team is able to focus more time on building strategies to grow their market share.

2. The range and depth of Meltwater’s monitoring and reporting capabilities equips LinkAja with a complete view of their earned and owned media performance. As Meltwater’s ecosystem of marketing and PR solutions is ever-expanding, LinkAja would be tapping on Meltwater’s Social Media Publishing Tool and AI-powered Social Influencer Marketing Platform next.

3. With a dedicated account management team, the relationship between Meltwater and LinkAja has grown to become a strong strategic partnership and will continue to support LinkAja’s journey to dominate the payments market.