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When LINK added creative and consulting services to their offering, they breathed new life into their company. Their new approach relies heavily on Meltwater to stay informed on every aspect of a client's media presence and competitive landscape.

Meltwater Enables LINK to

Instantly acquire large volumes of valuable, filtered content

Measure the tonality of an event or crisis and quickly adjust messaging

Develop more meaningful and valuable relationships with clients

The Challenge

Transforming the Business Model

LINK offers a range of strategic digital communication solutions to Latin American companies and governments and is credited with generating transformative results for their clients. The transformation is true of their own company as well, with a growing demand for more services pushing LINK to morph from a traditional TV commercial production company into a full-service digital communications agency. CEO Iván Rocha explains, "We risked losing business by just doing commercials. Clients were now asking for a much more complete service, something effective and with a clear message."

Making the leap from TV commercial producer to trusted advisor requires having reliable data at hand always, so acquiring access to relevant information became a key priority. LINK looked into media tools such as NUVI and liked their graphics well enough, but found the information they provided to be insufficient.

LINK?s wish list included the ability to track and measure the sentiment surrounding specific events and campaigns. Because tonality plays such a key role in persuasion, LINK needed to factor this into the strategic guidance they offered and the messages they created. Monitoring and analyzing their clients' exposure in traditional and social media was another key priority.

"We were used to dealing with client crises, but never at such an integral level. With Meltwater, we now have the tonality and volume of an escalating event at our fingertips, and can quickly develop a strategy based on this intelligence."

Iván Rocha, CEO, LINK


Acquiring a Platform Filled with Useful Intel

After investing in new talent and retooling to function more like a communications agency, LINK chose Meltwater to help complete their vision. Meltwater allows LINK to develop deeper relationships with their clients and fill the role of an expert advisor. LINK can quickly leverage Meltwater's detailed metrics in times of crisis and receive frequently updated news summaries.

Whereas LINK used to scrap for information, today, with one click the team can access a large volume of valuable content. LINK not only uses Meltwater's data to tell stories, their presentations have also become things of beauty. Clients can see for themselves how effective their communications are and whether they're gaining traction with the media and with their audience. CEO Iván Rocha is not only convinced Meltwater was the right choice, he adds, "I love the personalized service Meltwater offers, as our industry moves very quickly. No other company offers this."


Meltwater Helps LINK

Earn rave reviews from clients for the relevance of their data

All of the information we deliver to our clients is up-to-date and easily understandable. When we review digital reports, the quantity and quality of what Meltwater delivers is far superior to what we had before. Clients now expect to see the metrics Meltwater gives us in all of our presentations."

Leverage their resources more cost-efficiently and with greater impact

"Social media plays such an important role today. Meltwater allows us to plug into what people are saying and what?s trending in digital and social networks. Before engaging with Meltwater, we had to hire both a traditional media agency and a social media agency."

Formulate more effective messaging when engaging in crisis control

"After a recent gubernatorial campaign event, we were able to measure the tonality of the conversations on the candidate and, from there, fine-tune messaging. As we proactively evolved our outreach strategy for the candidate, we obtained an amazing response from the public."