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Empowering a healthier Canada means no days off for LifeLabs, Canada’s largest and most trusted medical diagnostics company. As it performs over 112 million laboratory tests for 75,000 customers daily across Ontario, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, the organization needs media intelligence and insights that keep pace with quickly evolving industry and customer needs. LifeLabs uses Meltwater to power the internal and external communications that keep it in conversation with the Canadian public it serves.

Meltwater helps LifeLabs:

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Extract actionable PR insights from oceans of digital content

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Operate proactive crisis communications

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Streamline media outreach workflows

“Because of the seriousness of our work and the importance of the information we have flowing, it's important for me to know that I can work with an organization like Meltwater that has our best interests at heart.”

Roy Saad, Senior Manager, Culture and Communications, LifeLabs

Insight-rich media intelligence

With more than 7,000 team members, LifeLabs uses internal communications to ensure the organization has a dynamic understanding of its industry landscape. It uses Meltwater's media intelligence platform to stay on top of Canadian healthcare, as well as the company’s place within it. 

Unlimited keyword searches allow Roy Saad and his team to monitor all topics relevant to the company, as well as any new ones that might pop up. These include everything from governmental policy and budget updates to developments in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. With Meltwater’s newsletter tool, they’re able to keep the LifeLabs leadership team up-to-date on the latest insights with daily media reports that inform their communications strategies. 

“We have a pulse on what's happening. So if we're looking to announce this great new initiative while the our stakeholders are focused on other priorities, thanks to Meltwater, we're able to see the timing isn't right, so we can delay it for a day or two.” Saad says. 

Additionally, Meltwater’s benchmarking tools give LifeLabs rich competitive insights that shape its approach to customer service and care. Using keyword and brand name searches focused on its industry peers, Saad and his team have up-to-the-minute overviews of what services and messaging are — and aren’t — resonating with the company’s target audiences. 

“Content is just produced every second, but Meltwater helps focus our attention,” says Saad. “Yes, people can go on to Google and see a multitude of content, but Meltwater delivers content of quality that we can review.” 

Crisis-ready monitoring and mobile alerts 

When a PR challenge is on the horizon, LifeLabs uses Meltwater’s reporting features to power its crisis communications hubs. As a possible crisis emerges, Saad and his team use the platform to generate in-depth social and media monitoring reports three times a day. Each report includes insights — like most-shared clips, sentiment analytics data visualizations, and lists of the top publishers and authors writing about LifeLabs — that detail which narratives around the organization are spreading within its audiences and markets. “It's really about delivering a comprehensive report three times a day to help our leadership team understand what kind of traction we're seeing out there and inform decision-making during the crisis,” Saad says. 

And as LifeLabs works nonstop to serve its customers, Meltwater stays in step with around-the-clock client support and a convenient mobile app. So when Saad and his team need support to execute new brand intelligence searches or tailored reports, a representative is available to them at any time via email or chat. Or whenever the platform detects critical changes — like mention spikes, customer complaints, or security issues — it alerts Saad and other stakeholders whether they’re in the office or not.

“One of the main reasons we’ve stuck with Meltwater over other competitors was the mobile app,” Saad explains.  “It's important for me and the team to have that immediate alert, because our line of business, healthcare, is 24/7, 365. Our labs are always running, so the mobile app undoubtedly is my favorite part of the Meltwater solution.”

One-stop journalist discovery and outreach

Meltwater doesn’t just keep LifeLabs on top of Canada’s nationwide healthcare conversation, it also helps the organization effectively join in. LifeLabs uses Meltwater's media relations platform to boost its key messages to its target audiences and support its PR objectives.

First, Saad and his team use the platform’s contacts database to look for leading journalists with filters for attributes like beat, reach, location, role, and more. Then profiles, which display each contact’s recent articles and Tweets, allow them to vet journalists without having to leave the platform. Finally, they use the platform’s outreach tools to send pitches and news releases created with content-specific branded templates. And as LifeLabs’ communications team looks to the future of integrating AI into its PR workflows, it trusts Meltwater to take the lead. 

“With the introduction of AI and how that's going to potentially impact or support our work, we're going to have to rely on partners like Meltwater to support us with solutions,” Saad says. “Our needs are going to evolve with the advent of AI and I see Meltwater joining us, with the use of their chat GPT and Microsoft Azure services, to leverage that to our advantage.” 

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LifeLabs uses the Meltwater Suite to refine its PR operations and focus on customer care. What could it do for you?