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Founded in South Africa in 1984, LegalWise is now a 696-employee strong company operating in and dominating the legal insurance industry. Covering a wide range of topics from adoption, to bail, to selling a house, LegalWise makes it possible for any South African to have access to a lawyer and enjoy even the most basic human rights under the South African law. The company values integrity, relationship-building, their community members, loyalty and delivering on their promises.

Meltwater Enables LegalWise to

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Never Miss a Conversation

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Benchmark Against Competitors

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Improve Reporting Quality


Lack of Accuracy in Online Monitoring 

After experiencing rapid growth, LegalWise often has both editorial and social media mentions mentioning them, but the media monitoring solution they were using couldn't monitor their mentions accurately enough and thus missed great PR and brand exposure opportunities. As a leader in the legal insurance sector, they knew they needed media monitoring and their reporting to be top-class for their valued client base. 

Photo of the LegalWise team
Gugulethu Gumede, Brand Manager: Social Media & Content Marketing at LegalWise

"I knew about Meltwater from working with the software at my previous company and so I was keen to make the switch to Meltwater at LegalWise too since I knew what to expect. With Meltwater, we were able to meet all our objectives: we increased brand awareness and reputation, we're finally able to accurately measure all of our mentions and our share of voice in the market, listen to online conversations in real-time and stay ahead of competitors by keeping an eye on them."

Gugulethu Gumede, Brand Manager: Social Media & Content Marketing at LegalWise


Making The Switch For The Better

LegalWise set out with clear business objectives that they wanted to achieve - this way, it's easier to measure success and whether the Meltwater system was working for them. Their objectives included brand-building, remaining relevant in the digital age, identifying people who were positive advocates for the brand, and improving the quality of their reports. With Meltwater's media monitoring platform, influencer contact database and hands-on reporting team, LegalWise were able to meet every one of their business goals. 


Meltwater Helps LegalWise to make the switch for the better by making sure they never miss a mention, benchmark constantly against their competitors, and improve their reporting quality.

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