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Kushal Research

Kushal Research specializes in media research, providing its clients with custom high quality reporting solutions. They help businesses and organizations gain critical insights from print, online, broadcast and social media through their media monitoring and measurement offering. They specialize in tracking potential issues and monitoring crisis situations.

Meltwater Enables Kushal Research to:

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Attract new clients

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Generate comprehensive reports

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Produce content in minutes


Slow Reaction to Important Industry News

As a B2B company, Kushal Research needed a vast scope of resources to fulfill their client requirements. Their specialization within market research and reporting required them to stay up to date on current industry happenings within various sectors to deliver customized services like corporate monitoring, brand monitoring, reputation monitoring, risk monitoring, event monitoring, crisis monitoring etc. Their business demands are challenging as client requirements are specific and require in-depth analysis for providing relevant, comprehensive and customized reports. For example, corporate clients want to judge overall brand performance while pharmaceutical clients need analysis on regulatory processes and environment issues. Therefore, this niche business with a small team needed a solution that is relevant, reliable and efficient to ensure timely delivery of their reports. The timely delivery is a crucial factor, as the content needs to be distributed well in advance to ensure quick action on the client side, especially during crises situations.

For a young business hoping to spread its wings into the industry, they also required a resource that can help them grow their business operations.

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Ram Mannepalli, Founder, Kushal Research

"The platform's ability to quickly translate keywords into insights helps my team with faster turn around times. For example, we are able to generate automated reports as samples through the Meltwater platform. The reports showcase utility of media monitoring and such insights further support converting prospects into clients."

Ram Mannepalli, Founder, Kushal Research


For a young business hoping to spread its wings into the industry, they also required a resource that can help them grow their business operations.

Kushal Research partnered with Meltwater in its initial stages of company growth because of the sophisticated search and listening capabilities that collect large amounts of data within minutes. Meltwater's service provides them with an efficient and faster way of gathering coverage while lessening the chances of missing data due to human errors.

As the business developed, new services from the Meltwater suite were implemented including Newsfeeds and Newsletters. Such solutions supported them in additional parts of business operations, such as prospecting and attracting new clients.


Meltwater Helps Kushal Research To

1. Grow their business by attracting new clients

The Newsletters help us cherry pick relevant articles and collate them automatically into an attractive layout that is shared with targeted and segmented lists of clients and prospects within different industries. These help us in marketing our brand, generating brand awareness as well as in business growth and development.

2. Collecting mass data to generate comprehensive reports

Partnering with Meltwater has helped us increase productivity due to time-saving and increased efficiency in collecting data. This has reduced business costs by 20-25%, thus adding value to our operations. The data is further analyzed by our analysts to draft insightful and in-depth recommendations for our clients.

3. Produce dynamic content within minutes

With Meltwater Newsfeed we are able to incorporate dynamic content on our website that's specific to various industries. This allows us to trigger thoughts in the minds of our website visitors. These industry insights showcase our potential and offer our clients and prospects fresh content with every visit.

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