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Hands hold a drill against a slat of wood in a blue securing device in this image for a Meltwater customer story about the Kreg Tool Company.

Kreg Tool

For Kreg Tool Company, making woodworking fun is vital to expanding its customer base. That’s why the brand partners with influencers who can make the art of woodworking more approachable while highlighting the Kreg product line’s range and ease of use. Kreg's influencer program is vital to attracting customers, so they need an efficient, scalable solution for managing their partnerships. The brand chose Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution so it could leave confusing spreadsheets behind.

Meltwater enables Kreg Tool to:

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Manage 178+ influencers across all brand campaigns

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Gain $17.8M in earned media value

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Reach 18M social media users

Standardize End-to-End Influencer Management

Before using Meltwater, marketers at Kreg Tool managed its influencer marketing program with Excel spreadsheets and other manual methods. The painstaking process didn’t allow the brand to monitor reach, engagements, or other key metrics. With influencer marketing becoming more of a priority in the company, marketers needed a better way to manage workflows and demonstrate value.

The brand now uses Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution to systematize how it manages influencer partnerships from discovery and vetting to performance monitoring.

Once Kreg Tool’s marketing team adds influencers to a campaign in Meltwater, the platform handles most of the heavy lifting, tracking posts created across social channels along with their reach, engagement, and earned media value. 

Meltwater’s social listening capabilities let the marketers track posts from their influencer partnerships as well as any other social content related to Kreg products. Meanwhile, the influencer scoring system, which shows them if a content creator’s level of influence has changed over time, helps them preserve brand integrity.

With these time-saving, automated features, Kreg Tool was able to recruit and manage campaigns with more than 178 influencers within a year, significantly boosting its brand awareness.

Demonstrate Influencer Impact with Data-Driven Insights

With manual influencer management processes, Kreg Tool lacked real-time updates on reach and engagement metrics. The spreadsheets that they relied on had to be constantly updated, leaving lots of room for errors and inaccuracies. With Meltwater, the brand has greater visibility into the ROI of its influencer marketing program.

Real-time analytics dashboards keep the team up to date with collective campaign insights that can easily be broken down into individual influencer performance. Within a year of implementing Meltwater, Kreg Tool’s marketing team was able to track more than 823 posts that reached 18 million social media users and earned 670,000 engagements. Those and other metrics were essential for Kreg marketers to understand just how well its creators were connecting with woodworking and do-it-yourself audiences.

Finally, when it’s time to share campaign results and insights, they use Meltwater’s easy report generation features to create monthly campaign performance reports for managers, directors, and other stakeholders. It’s never been easier to keep the company aligned.

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Overall, Meltwater helps Kreg Tool scale and prove the value of its influencer marketing efforts. Discover how your brand can do the same when you schedule a demo.