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KERV Interactive

KERV Interactive is an innovative technology startup with a patented video technology that offers clients unique opportunities to market their brands in a highly-engaging way. From their offices in Austin and metro LA, they use Meltwater to monitor media mentions, engage on social media, and target influencers to help market their two-year-old company.

Meltwater Enables KERVInteractive to

Manage all of their media communication tasks from a single platform

Target journalists with more precision and personalization

Customize dashboards easily for reporting to different stakeholders


Monitor Competitors and Educate the Public 

KERV Interactive likens the immersive experience their videos create to user journeys, permitting "shoppable," click-through URLfunctionality combined with enhanced visual storytelling. Users can precisely interact with objects in the video stream to purchase or learn more about them. In addition to offering standard video metrics such as clicks and impressions, they've added 15+ proprietary metrics, such as time spent with frames along with object-level interaction metrics, which provides KERV clients with the most precise data and insights available in the interactive video market. 

As a startup, they must guard against competitive threats and be attuned to developments in their industry. Because they offer a novel, patented technology, education plays a key role in their growth. This requires finding and partnering with industry influencers who can get the word out and help promote their technology. They know the value of analytics, and wanted a media platform that could prove their ROI on social and PR outreach initiatives. 

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Jessica Blankenship, PR and Marketing Manager, KERV Interactive

"We're an up-and-coming company that's just starting to build our content out. That's why I wanted to start using Meltwater early on, to give me a head start on all of our various initiatives."

Jessica Blankenship, PR and Marketing Manager, KERV Interactive


Monitor, Listen, and Reach Out on One Platform    

"I was excited to start using Meltwater for media monitoring, so we could watch our competition and stay on top of relevant mentions about KERV Interactive," says Jessica Blankenship. She has her hands full as both a PR and marketing manager, and appreciates the fact that Meltwater's platform puts all the solutions she needs close at hand. Global media monitoring resides in the same place as the up-to-date influencers contact database and robust social listening solutions. Because integrated solutions return better analytics, KERV Interactive has better data to help decide where to place their resources and who to enlist in communicating their messaging. 

Meltwater's scheduling solution has been "super helpful" in managing different time zones and publishing press releases to select audiences at defined times. The customizable dashboards also allow Blankenship and her team to easily monitor and report on reach, share of voice, sentiment, and any news items that might be of interest to any of their stakeholders. 

In summarizing her experience, Jessica Blankenship says, "The platform is very adaptable and fun to work with. The integrated solutions alleviate my day-to-day workload and the Meltwater team has been very helpful whenever I've had questions."

Jessica Blankenship, PR and Marketing Manager, KERV Interactive

"I'm excited to work for a company that represents the future of video advertising. Meltwater is helping us succeed by providing so much versatility in one platform."

Jessica Blankenship, PR and Marketing Manager, KERV Interactive


Meltwater Helps KERV Interactive 

Manage all of their media communication tasks from a single platform  

"We really like using the engagement solutions to do all of our daily news monitoring, public relations outreach, and social media listening from a single, integrated platform. Whenever there are a lot of mentions of our brand in the news or other relevant information, Meltwater makes sharing with others easy."

Target journalists with more precision and personalization 

"Being able to comb through thousands of different journalists and tailor who I am trying to reach by their location and what they write about was something I was very excited by. This also helps us effectively distribute our press releases and makes my day to day so much easier as a public relations manager."

Measure the impacts of their communication efforts more effectively 

"The dashboards are great for reporting to both internal and external stakeholders, and are essential in establishing the ROI on our social media and PR outreach initiatives. You can also easily customize the dashboards based on what you want to measure, whether it's reach, share of voice, sentiment, or more."

— Jessica Blankenship, PR and Marketing Manager, KERV Interactive

Screenshot of the Meltwater platform