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Java House

Founded in August 1999, Java House aims to introduce gourmet coffee drinking culture in Kenya, but has since evolved into an American diner style restaurant. As one of the leading coffee brands in Africa, Java House has grown to have outlets in 14 cities across 3 East African countries (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda). Java House has also gone on to birth three sister brands - Planet Yogurt, a healthy and tasty frozen yogurt store, 360 Degrees Pizza, a casual dining restaurant, and Kukito, a uniquely Kenyan modern fast food brand.

Meltwater Helps Java House to:

Publish Content Easily

Analyse the Competition

Listen to the Right Audience

Challenge: Knowing What Consumers Say About The Brand

Maintaining a brand as stellar as Java House is no small task, and it was necessary for Java House to have a robust social listening tool that could be their eyes and ears when it came to what consumers had to say about their brand.

Managing the brand's different social media accounts was also a priority for Java House, who have over 20 social media accounts. Having an all-in-one platform that makes publishing content easier and less time consuming was how Meltwater effectively addressed this need.

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"My experience with the Meltwater Team has been great; they are hands on with us when we need them to be. Anytime we need something done, it's done immediately. Nadine (Client Success Director) follows up with us, and we feel taken care of."

Levis Ryan, Digital Brand Marketer, Java House

Solution: Making Social Media Publishing and Engagement Easier

Being happy Meltwater clients for the last four years, Java House has seen the benefits of how a comprehensive and all-in-one solution has made publishing content on social media much easier.

With the ability to manage multiple social media accounts at once, planning and publishing content is done quickly and easily. In addition, measuring the effectiveness of Java House’s owned social media strategy is made simple thanks to presentation-ready reports created at the click of a button.


Meltwater Helps Java House to

1. Publish Content Easily

"As a group, Java House has over 20 social media accounts and managing those accounts, individually, is a lot for the team. Having a platform, like Meltwater, that can manage that, and make publishing content easier, was quite refreshing."

2. Analyse the Competition

"Being able to understand and analyse the competition, from share of voice to sentiment, is a big one for us to see where we are in the market, and Meltwater makes it easy for us when it comes to their competitor analysis capabilities."

3. Listen & Engage with the Right Audience

"The Meltwater feature that the team uses on a daily basis is the Engage Tool. I love that we can use it for Instagram and we have seen the ROI when it comes to social media engagement since using the tool."