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Integrated 360365

Integrated 360365 is a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. With a team of creative professionals, they focus on providing custom solutions to many reputable brands and companies across marketing, PR, strategy, technology and E-commerce domains. Integrated 360365 leverage Meltwater for Livpure, a well-known manufacturer of water purifiers which delivers superior products for home and commercial use across India.

Meltwater Enables Integrated 360365 to:

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Enhance productivity

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Develop robust reporting

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Stay ahead with content & social


Since its inception in 2012, Livpure has become the 3rd largest brand in its sphere with a million customers using their best in class products and services. But like every B2C company, managing reputation becomes cumbersome as the business scales up. Integrated 360365 needed to resolve the situation and develop a sustainable and expedient process for handling consumer complaints and queries. Besides reputation management, the agency undertakes a large proportion of strategic activities like planning and executing the digital strategy for the brand including content development, website management, social media and much more.

Prior to Meltwater, they used another social media monitoring tool to manage the client needs but faced several challenges, predominantly in complaint tracking and handling that required quick attention and a long-term fix.

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Noopur Shukla, Vice President, Business Development, Integrated 360365

"With constant help from the Meltwater team, we transitioned with ease in terms of onboarding and account setup inspite of the remote location. The team is proactive and responds to issues swiftly; this helps me maintain my relationship with my clients, ensuring an uninterrupted and pleasant experience with us and with Meltwater."

Noopur Shukla, Vice President, Business Development, Integrated 360365


An all in one monitoring and management solution

Integrated 360365 partnered with Meltwater towards the end of 2016 to repair the dents and challenges in managing the brand's reputation. Leveraging Meltwater's media intelligence and social media engagement solutions, the agency listens to the happenings within the online sphere and engages with the potential and current clients.

It is a well-identified pattern that most consumers turn to social media as a complaint medium, typically after experiencing the inefficiency of customer services, therefore, it is crucial that these complaints are addressed quickly. The Engage platform has aided the development of a more simplified complaint monitoring and handling process. The team particularly relies on the platform's capabilities around tagging, allocating and monitoring of complaints that are being assigned to the team members. The fact they can do this without shifting from one platform to the other. is also an added bonus. In addition to this, Meltwater helps the team present a holistic summary of their performance within the online landscape and against their competitors to the board. The solution has given the agency and client an end-to-end solution to fulfill their online business goals.


Meltwater Helps Integrated 360365 to

1. Enhance productivity

"Being a mundane task, we don't hire a team specifically for an ORM role. Meltwater Engage ensures quick response to complaints more efficiently and systematic workflows without missing important posts, so our team can focus on other creative and strategy centric KPIs."

2. Develop a robust reporting structure

"In most cases, we send two reports to our clients per day. By collating data and presenting it in the form of interesting graphs and dashboards instead of excel sheets, reports become more visually appealing and interpretable These reports act as an everyday update mechanism to our clients who are interested in insights into brand performance. Our clients also love these reports and use them internally to get their tactics in order."

3. Remain on top of content and social chatter

"Previous to Meltwater, we missed a lot of social chatter and important client grievances on a daily basis. Meltwater is sophisticated and robust with a wide database that allows sharing of important current updates right from within the platform with a click."