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Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

Ever wonder where ocean liners go to die? The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) represents nearly 1,700 companies that take our used products - everything from boats to bottles- and give them new life. ISRI promotes education and awareness of recycling's role in our environment and economy. Meltwater plays a key role in their advocacy.

Meltwater Enables ISRI to

Track coverage, trends, and opportunities

Identify and target top influencers

Initiate, like, and retweet social content


Scrapping for Attention 

To function as an effective "voice of the recycling industry," ISRI needed a way to listen to market conversations and stay on top of what's going on in the market. They found it difficult to monitor media coverage and identify promising opportunities for their members. They wanted a deeper understanding of emerging industry issues. Social media conversations they should have participated in went unnoticed. And when they did engage, they couldn't measure the results. Lastly, their limited resources left them few opportunities to research and target qualified journalists.

"We're such a small shop we don't have much time for outreach, so press releases become extremely important," says ISRI's Mark Carpenter. "This is where a targeted media list can really help." 

photo of a worker standing on front of pressed PET
Mark Carpenter, Sr. Director of Media Relations and Online Communications, ISRI

"I've used Vocus and PR Newswire in previous jobs. What I like about Meltwateris that it's user-friendly, has an easier interface, and is an all-in-one platform."

Mark Carpenter, Sr. Director of Media Relations and Online Communications, ISRI


All Channels, All the Time  

Meltwater gives ISRI an all-in-one solution, with the ability to monitor coverage, respond to opportunities and trends, and report right from the dashboard. They use Meltwater's mobile app to monitor and join social conversations, like and re-tweet content, and increase their following. Creating dashboards for each campaign captures additional insights into popular thinking.

Because press releases are so important, ISRI uses Meltwater's influencer database to comb through media lists and then send them to select journalists using Meltwater's distribution tool. After-the-fact reporting helps measures their effectiveness. 


Meltwater Helps ISRI 

Monitor coverage to assist with strategic decision-making 

"Meltwater tells us which trade publications are covering us the most, and whether we're getting good coverage. That impacts our decision-making around sponsorships and events. At the same time, if I see a big drop-off in coverage, I can follow up and find out what's wrong." 

Identify media targets through the influencer database 

"Meltwater streamlines the entire process of sending out press releases. If we're announcing a new board member, for example, we can go into the influencer database and look at the region where the board member is from. We'll identify the people handling the local news and business beats, and any related beats, and put them on our list."

Use social media to support traditional campaigns 

"We have one campaign right now involving the benefits of recycled rubber. Meltwater helps us monitor social conversations so we know how people view the issue and when to respond. Knowing whether or not we're making progress is crucial."

— Mark Carpenter, Director of Communications and PR 

Screenshot of the Meltwater Influencer Contact Database Media Database