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Innovate BC

"Get funding, launch your idea, and connect with experts." Innovate BC connects British Columbian innovators with the funding, resources, and support they need to succeed. Meltwater's powerful media communications platform helps the government-backed entity promote BC as a technology hub and grow the local economy.

Meltwater Enables Innovate BC to

Easily tier media coverage to share internally or externally with a couple of clicks

Reach out to experts and media influencers to maximize coverage and gain partners

Extract greater value from events, search, and more by leveraging their service rep


Growing Innovation's Footprint in British Columbia 

Headquartered in Vancouver, Innovate BC are big on communication, with a fifth of their organization devoted to accumulating intelligence and sharing it with partners and the public. Their goals include "taking innovation from the whiteboard to the real world" and ensuring the benefits of BC's thriving tech sector are felt by everyone across the province.  

Ambitious goals aren't easily achieved. Innovate BC struggled to monitor developments in the industries they follow. They lacked resources to reach out to media influencers and alert people to the services they offer. Media monitoring was entirely manual. Not only was it time-consuming, the picture it returned was incomplete and the content sometimes only loosely related. Because Innovate BC interacts with so many detail-oriented people, data accuracy and a comprehensive view matter. Innovate BC also wanted to derive greater value from their most important annual event by plugging directly into what was going on and broadcasting their achievements. Amedia communications tool was considered a key to this. 

Jamil Karim says, "Meltwater is a big part of our PR strategy, helping us build our brand awareness, track relevant media coverage, and connect directly with local and international publications."

"Meltwater enables us to ramp up our media relations efforts and directly support key media coverage for our organization. It's important for us to build relationships, service different industries, and build awareness of our tech sector."

Jamil Karim, Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovate BC


An All-In-One Media Solution Offering Intel and Access  

Innovate BC uses Meltwater's all-in-one media communications platform to monitor the latest business developments in real time and acquire greater insight. The tool's automated morning update allows the communications team to easily tier media coverage and share relevant content internally and externally with just a couple of clicks. 

Monitoring, outreach, and analytics, together with a dedicated service rep make it easy to customize exactly what Innovate BC needs before, during, and after an event, amid all the chaos when time is in short supply. The media influencers contact database with its highly relevant search functionality allows Innovate BC to identify which publications and journalists to reach out to, and measure the return on their efforts afterward. Meltwater's sentiment analysis and metrics on reach, volume, and other key measures fuel better processes and service delivery and greater customer satisfaction. Their small size notwithstanding, Innovate BC is using Meltwater to punch above their weight and expand their reach. 

Marketing and Communications Manager Karim says, "Meltwater has helped increase awareness of our organization, our people, and our outcomes." 

"Whether you're a big or small operation, Meltwater can improve your media relations and get your people in front of the public more often."

Jamil Karim, Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovate BC


Meltwater Helps Innovate BC  

Stay informed of the latest developments in every industry they serve  

"One of the most essential tools for us is the morning report. Meltwater automatically finds and assembles all of the relevant media mentions into a very readable summary that alerts us to everything happening in the industries we serve. The platform is a member of the team, worth at least half a headcount."

Reach out to influencers to earn valuable coverage and partnerships 

"Our new CEO started in February and has decades of experience to draw on. Meltwater enabled us to identify key media influencers and get him some high-profile coverage. Helping us reach out and start new relationships with the media is a key part of the platform's value to us." 

Get more from the product by leveraging responsive service reps 

"I've been impressed with the Meltwater experience from the very beginning. Onboarding was straightforward and my service rep has been super helpful, providing timely answers to questions and some very instructive tutorial videos. I've never felt like I didn't know what was happening or how to get answers."

— Jamil Karim, Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovate BC