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Immedia Content

Launched in 2018 by renowned content marketing experts, Peter Bakker and Richard Jones, Immedia Content offers innovative content strategy development and marketing built on a data-rich foundation to maximize audience engagement. Its team of content strategists and editors, supported by their global network of multilingual contributors, creates diverse, effective formats of content for their clients.

Meltwater enables Immedia Content and Contrend to:

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Boost their metadata sources to include balanced social media data, increasing the integrity of their data insights

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Build brand awareness on the importance of identifying audience interests and optimizing content marketing strategies

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Win clients and increase quality lead flow

Peter Bakker, CEO, Immedia Content

As more companies are incorporating the ethos and importance of content marketing, Immedia is well-positioned in the industry to deliver the best strategies for our clients and partners.

Peter Bakker, CEO & Partner, Immedia Content

Being a Leader in the Content Marketing Industry

In July 2021, the company launched Contrend, an innovative data-driven, audience-centric MarTech platform, to enhance its services. Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the platform is not only a content management software, but also includes content engagement measurement functionalities. This gives Immedia's clients automated content recommendations and trend predictions to increase audience engagement and competitive differentiation.

Built by experts and advocates of content marketing, Contrend emphasizes the importance of developing the best content strategy based on topical relevance. The company has seen its clients focus too heavily on social media and SEO-driven keyword data to define their content strategies. Because of this, many businesses are reactive to short-term industry peaks and noise, when they should be more proactive. This results in the over creation of product-driven messaging that doesn't differentiate enough from a company's competitive set.

Instead of following suit and offering content strategies based on short-term responses, Immedia built Contrend to spot long-term audience trends in their clients' markets. This allows the MarTech platform to identify the content topics, styles, and formats that a target audience would be most interested in. To cover all the gaps, Contrend does incorporate social media data, but it ensures that data doesn't over-balance or bias the content landscapes it analyzes.

On top of the multiple sources of information and metadata they acquire and analyze, Contrend requires a rich social media data source.

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Richard Jones, Chief Technology Officer & Partner, Contrend

Powerful insights are driven by robust data integrity. Meltwater's API has greatly enhanced our dataset, which Contrend's algorithms use to generate the most effective content recommendations and predictions.

Richard Jones, Chief Technology Officer & Partner, Contrend

Getting a Step Ahead in Content Marketing

Immedia built the content marketing platform, Contrend to offer brands and businesses a more holistic approach to content strategy. The company's founding belief is in the merits of content marketing as a key driver for brand awareness, higher quality leads and better conversion rates. Immedia turned to Meltwater to further boost their capabilities and strengthen the Contrend platform. Here's how:

The "Engagement Index," or EI, is Contrend's proprietary content trends measurement metric which is derived from a conglomerate of weighted data. It acts as a barometer for Contrend's clients, allowing them to quickly identify relevant content topics that have the highest potential to generate strong audience engagement. From there, businesses can reimagine or strengthen their existing content strategies and create more effective content.

Immedia also recognizes the importance of providing consistent, engaging content that provides potential customers with a better understanding of a client's brand. As a result of this understanding, Contrend identifies a target audience's affinities to predict and recommend the optimum content needed to increase audience engagement.

Immedia Content's graph - topic group contribution, landscape vs client
Rudy Aras, VP Alliances and Channels, Senior Partner, Meltwater

There is still an untapped opportunity for many of our partner agencies across the region and Immedia has invested early to use our data to leverage what clients really want to get as insights. With their product Contrend, they are showing the scalability by taking the product globally as the Meltwater data lake tracks any country and language. It's a pleasure to work with their team!

Rudy Aras, VP Alliances and Channels, Senior Partner, Meltwater

Meltwater's API In Action

Contrend assigns an EI score to every content topic it analyzes and discovers. The higher its EI score, the more relevant that content topic is for a particular client. To incorporate the most comprehensive social data possible into the EI, Meltwater built a customized application programming interface (API) to feed data into Contrend.

With Meltwater's built-in API, Contrend has delivered stronger, more accurate results for their clients. Contrend doesn't rely on short-lived trends and broad industry benchmarks. Instead, the EI metric gives clients a better overview of which content topics, styles and formats are most relevant to their fields of interest and expertise, allowing them to build authority and rank in those areas.

For example, Immedia has several financial institutions in their client portfolio. The scope of interests in the finance sector are dynamic and expansive and vary greatly in different markets. A content marketing strategy for this field needs to have a comprehensive index derived from various data sources, including social.

Traditionally, organizations in the financial and banking services haven't focused on developing and maintaining a strong content marketing strategy.

Immedia Content's graph - Client vs landscape, style and format

The Impact

With Contrend's insights, Immedia introduced data-driven, audience-centric content strategies to institutions which typically implement conventional marketing methods, with generic product- and brand-focused content.

With robust data streams, Immedia's clients can rejuvenate their marketing efforts with innovative, relevant content. Immedia Content also offers content engagement frameworks for their audiences across multiple markets and languages. Contrend's appropriately weighted data, from multiple sources including social, allows the platform to better understand the content landscape of any industry or market. What's more, Contrend's actionable content predictions and recommendations can boost audience engagement and result in greater ROIs.