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Hollard Logo Case Study / Customer Story - Meltwater


Meet the Client

Founded in 1980, Hollard is South Africa's largest privately-owned insurance group and provides both short-term and life insurance, as well as investment products.

With more than 3000 employees and their headquarters based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Hollard also operates in 8 different countries and is well known for delivering exceptional service to its customer base.

The Challenge: Getting a Holistic View of the Industry

In order to maximise their marketing activities and budgets, Hollard needed to have a full understanding of the context and the environment they operated in. This required an understanding of their competitor's activity and monitoring their own activity across all media platforms.

Having oversight of the communications that their audiences were being exposed to gave Hollard an opportunity to create a space and direction for their own communications that would allow them to stand out in a very crowded category.

Once this was done, Hollard also needed to measure and monitor how their communications were being received and responded to and align the reporting to their brand and communication objectives.

Joanna Mondon - Hollard - Meltwater Customer Story

"Meltwater provides a one-stop-shop for all our needs, measuring and monitoring for our entire category."

Joanna Mondon, Group Marketing & Sponsorship Manager at Hollard

The Solution: Having an Integrated View of Their Brand in the Market

Since partnering with Meltwater, Hollard now has a holistic view of their brand, and are consistently kept up to date with Meltwater's Daily Digests. Manually creating reports is a thing of the past as Hollard now have the capabilities to create a single, comprehensive report that saves them time and resources.

With a hands-on team, Hollard has seen the benefit of partnering with a company that values exceptional customer service. Meltwater is willing to meet Hollard at any time, providing an experience that ensures that the needs of Hollard are met at every step of the way.

Beverley Stockler - Hollard - Meltwater Customer Story

"Meltwater has provided us with a fully inclusive tool that provides not only monitoring but reporting. We no longer need to consolidate multiple reports from multiple sources which provides consistent reporting and saves us time, effort and money."

Beverley Stockler, Group Brand & Operations Manager at Hollard

Meltwater Enables Hollard to

Increase Their Productivity

Save Time and Money

Get Brand Insights in Real-Time

Increase Their Productivity

"As a result of using Meltwater, we have one marketing report which goes to Business now. Productivity gain has also seen an increase in the Hollardites attending the Monthly ORM presentations."

Save Time and Money

"We have saved R50 000 per month of time that went towards manual reporting using our previous tools. We no longer need to consolidate multiple reports from multiple sources which provides consistent reporting and saves us time, effort and money"

Get Brand Insights in Real-Time

"The Newsletters are really valuable - especially to show EXCO a view of our brand in the market at any given time. The Daily Digests are a favourite feature because they help us keep our fingers on the market's pulse! We are always kept up-to-date."