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H&M Mexico is a part of the Sweden-based retailing giant famous for fast-fashion styling and execution. They operate 38 stores within Mexico and maintain a large online presence to communicate with customers. Meltwater's platform plays a key role in monitoring their communications campaigns— and continuously refining them.

Meltwater Enables H&M Mexico to

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Pair advanced monitoring and listening for real-time insights into an ever-changing market

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Stay informed and always prepared to respond to customers and influencers

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Receive competitive intelligence with intuitive, easy-to-digest visualizations


Apply KPIs to Act and Communicate More Efficiently  

Fast fashion is characterized by speed and efficiency, as greater affordability requires smaller margins. Metrics and measurements hold great meaning within this clothing conglomerate and comprised a large part of what H&M Mexico wanted from their media communications platform. They needed a way to monitor and measure the progress of the campaigns they were creating in support of the various collections the company was launching. They wanted to use specific key performance indicators to refine their strategy and tweak their implementation along the way. 

They were also shopping for accurate competitive intel delivered firsthand, within a user-friendly platform, and the ability to act in times of crisis with the benefit of crisis reports containing real-time metrics 

Digital Marketing Strategist Javier Ruiz says, "We'd been using Google Alerts and Google Trends, but these didn't give us the level of granularity we needed. The results were very basic and we wanted very specific metrics. We saw that Meltwater would allow us to access information in real time and obtain reports without having to migrate data, unlike Google. We could have the information 24/ 7 in real time, firsthand, and it would all be organized and complete."

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Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening instantly."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico


Access a Full Set of Tools Within a Common Platform  

Today Meltwater gives H&M Mexico the ability to pair advanced media monitoring and social listening with a full suite of analytics, outreach, and social engagement tools that help the retailer reach out more effectively. Meltwater enables H&M's communicators to take the pulse of journalists and influencers who are writing about their industry as well as consumers who are in contact with the brand on a variety of channels. This allows the team to optimize their outreach and become more successful moving forward. H&M Mexico's communications team can now generate crisis reports that include real-time metrics, enabling communicators to make better decisions as a crisis is unfolding. 

One such crisis arrived at the beginning of 2018 with the release of a sweatshirt design that conflicted with H&M's belief in diversity. Javier Ruiz says, "We knew the impact at the global level, but we wanted to see how much it was affecting us here in Mexico. Meltwater was able to show us the issue in detail and reveal what influencers were saying. With the insight provided by Meltwater, we issued a press release to the Mexican public to communicate how we were acting as a company to address the misunderstanding."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"Our campaigns are based on market trends. We use Meltwater to evaluate what other leading brands are doing before deciding how to align ourselves to global trends and remain in the forefront."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico


Meltwater Helps H&M Mexico  

Acquire valuable intel on competitors and stay a step ahead   

"Every two weeks we use Meltwater to review what our competitors are doing both nationally and worldwide. We can see if they launched a special promotion and discover if we had any share of voice within this digital domain. These and other indicators help us decide whether to launch a campaign in response." 

Employ crisis management tools to act responsibly and mitigate damage  

"The crisis with the sweatshirt was a test. With the Meltwater platform, we were able to get reports searching by word, brand, and hashtag. Meltwater data visualizations showed us we knew how much penetration this was having and how to react. We used this information to address the Mexican public." 

Measure the impact of their event communications support in real time  

"When we opened our flagship store on Madero Street, we used Meltwater to measure the various impacts. These included share of voice and number of impressions in the media, blogs, and social networks. We captured this as it was happening.We knew how many people were visiting and even from which countries."

— Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico 

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