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HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystems is one of India's premier IT Services, Distribution and Digital Solutions companies. HCL Infosystem enables their clients to attain and sustain competitive advantage by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies. In addition to this, they their comprehensive portfolio also spans value-added distribution of technology, mobility and consumer electronic products.

Meltwater Enables HCL Infosystems to:

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Track the competition

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Improve internal communication

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Create efficiencies


Need to Understand the Digital Footprint of the Industry and Competitors

Both the Corporate Communications and the Digital Initiatives team at HCL Infosystems are responsible for a range of tasks such as digital advertising, demand generation, external and internal communication programs, video production, managing social media channels and online sentiment & reputation.

HCL Infosystems believes in the power of collaboration. Communication and coordination between the internal comms, external comms, planning and analytics teams are key to ensure streamlined working and completion of the various digital initiatives.

Due to the need to stay constantly updated, the Corporate Communications team was looking for a tracking tool to automate media intelligence and analyze industry trends. Furthermore, they also needed a solution that easily allowed them to benchmark their activities against their competition so they were better placed to get ahead.

After a long search for the most appropriate partner, the marketing communications team upgraded from Google Alerts, Buzzsumo, and Mentions to Meltwater, citing Meltwater's scope of coverage as one of the deciding factors in their decision-making process.

Nitin Raj, Vice President, Digital, Initiatives at HCL Infosystems

"Media monitoring and real-time tracking are crucial in today's digital age. Using Meltwater has helped us track our competitors and derive business-relevant insights for the more effective communication campaigns across different channels."

Nitin Raj, Vice President, Digital, Initiatives at HCL Infosystems


Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting Tools

After using Meltwater's listening solution, HCL Infosystems were able to join relevant conversations related to their competitors and benchmark their brand in relation to others in the industry using the share of voice metric. Alongside the competition, they monitored updates around their consumer products, complaints, thought leadership profiling key spokespeople and senior executives and so on.

The ability to go back and analyze historical coverage is another feature the team found particularly useful since they could shed light on the context of conversations by looking at how conversations developed in the past. The tool also gives them easily digestible reports in the form of interactive dashboards widgets that have the capability of drilling down at a given data point, for example, teams can quickly understand what caused spikes in coverage.

Beyond the solutions mentioned above, the Newsletter product helps HCL in solidifying their internal communication plan to key stakeholders in the company. The team has automated the daily sharing of updates by simply cherry-picking the articles they would like to share with the various stakeholders, helping teams stay aligned and informed.


Meltwater Helps HCL Infosystems To

1. Track the competition

"Recently while preparing a presentation for a bank, I used Meltwater analytics to benchmark. I decided to compare the coverage of three banks, and by doing so I found that 20% of a particular bank's traffic came from complaint websites. Such insights can be really helpful in strategic planning and resource allocation."

2. Improve internal communication

Automated mailers/ newsletters that can quickly be disseminated within the organization have proved to be a time-efficient tool for the corporate communications team. The task can now be done in a matter of few minutes and teams can stay more aligned.

3. Create efficiencies

"The setup was easy and quick. My advice to any organization that wishes to implement a similar solution would be to start small with all basics of Meltwater before deploying all features. The solution is as good as its adoption ."

Screenshot of the Meltwater media intelligence platform