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Guinness World Records

From its origins as a book in 1954 designed to list and authenticate world records, Guinness World Records has become a multimedia brand agency offering a range of products and services. Their mission is to celebrate those who go further, faster, and beyond anyone else on earth and turn the incredible into the official.

Meltwater Enables Guinness World Records to

Monitor and verify record-setting attempts wherever they occur

Develop greater confidence in the strength of their media relationships

Measure campaign results accurately to establish client objectives are achieved


Grow Brands by Leveraging Media More Effectively  

Guinness World Records aims to inspire people to read about and participate in world record attempts. Their book holds a world record of its own, as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time, exceeding $100 million in sales. Because inclusiveness and passion are among the company's values, they work with global brands interested in setting world records as part of marketing campaigns. Generating media attention is good for their own brand as well. Key events on the company calendar include the annual book launch in September and Guinness World Records Day on November 14th.

In an effort to maximize interest and exposure, the company's objectives for a media communications platform included the ability to identify and reach media influencers to align with campaigns. They also wanted to efficiently monitor global news and needed the assurance that their platform partner could be relied on for excellent service, given that their needs were often timely and occasionally unusual.  

PR Manager Alice Pagan says, "Our media approach was quite difficult because we didn't have a platform that could help us optimize our efforts and successfully explain our campaigns and media consulting services." 

"Meltwater has been an extremely engaged partner. When I use their live chat, I receive an immediate response along with a solution to every problem at the time I need it. Their service is 300% useful."

Alice Pagen, Public Relations Manager, GuinnessWorld Records


Best-in-ClassMonitoring, Outreach, and Analytics 

Guinness World Records partners with Meltwater for digital and print media monitoring, social listening, analytics, and the global influencers contact database. Meltwater's platform allows them to monitor each day's global news, knowing that every day someone, somewhere is establishing or breaking another record.

The company's PR team also uses Meltwater to identify and personally reach out to social media influencers and traditional news outlets. Growing their media network in this way has given them greater confidence in the strength of their media relationships. These relationships are depended on dozens of time annually, with each new marketing campaign the PR team runs for B2C or B2B. Measuring an individual campaign's success can be done directly in the platform. Meltwater provides their PR team with detailed numbers and analysis than they had previously, in terms of both quantity and quality. 

PR Manager Alice Pagan says, "In our most successful cases, it can be shown that our presence in the event makes the campaign achieve all the objectives proposed by our clients. The platform plays a big role in this. It's super-efficient. I've been in the PR industry for years and Meltwater is the best technology solution I've come across for our industry."

"With the help of Meltwater's platform, contacting the media is no longer such a challenge, and that's a huge weight lifted."

Alice Pagen, Public Relations Manager, Guinness World Records


Meltwater Helps Guinness World Records   

Measure the impacts of their efforts directly from the platform 

"Since we began using the Meltwater platform we've become much more effective in our media outreach efforts. We now have a much better reach, we were able to increase our media lists, and we feel we have a good network. I can measure these and various other impacts much more easily — directly from the platform."

Target key media influencers sooner than previously possible   

"The influencers database is very good and also quite intriguing. In my experience with other platforms, I've never had one that would show me a way to clearly target specific influencers, and yet so many of the most relevant mentions appear in social media long before becoming part of mainstream online news."

Get answers to questions quickly — possibly in record time even 

"When we opened our flagship store on Madero Street, we used Meltwater to measure the various impacts. These included share of voice and number of impressions in the media, blogs, and social networks. We captured this as it was happening. We knew how many people were visiting and even from which countries."

— Alice Pagen, Public Relations Manager, Guinness World Records