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Gudrun Sjödén

Boldly coloured organic apparel, shoes and furnishing are among the highlights of Gudrun Sjödén's unique collections. The company, which is celebrating 43 years of colour and patterns, currently has 350 employees; among them is Monica Ekervik Hedman, Global Director of Communication and PR. Monica is one of many at Gudrun Sjödén who uses Meltwater's global competitive intelligence tools and reports to stay abreast of conversations surrounding the company, trends, and the industry across editorial and social media.

Meltwater Enables Gudrun Sjödén to

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Keep an eye on competitors and the industry

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Gain insights into how they are mentioned worldwide

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Get an overview of their communication


Competitive intelligence and custom reports

Since Monika Ekervik Hedman is seldom sitting still, from photoshoots for upcoming collections, to purchasing of new fabrics and factory visits around the world, she needs to be able to stay updated of Gudrun Sjödén's media exposure from wherever she happens to be. The morning reports, which she accesses via her mobile, provide Monica with a quick and easy update while allowing her to also keep constant watch.

Gudrun Sjödén receives custom reports from Meltwater every month. These reports make it possible to monitor the return on investment of communication efforts. The report analyses media exposure and reach in various markets, insight into what created engagement, and sentiment of relevant conversations - amongst other things. Through the reports, they can clearly see what has worked and steer their strategy forward accordingly. "Using Meltwater's morning report, we form an idea about whether our activities have yielded positive or negative results, and how strong their impact in the media has been", says Hedman.

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"One of the major advantages of using Meltwater is that we always have an enthusiastic, solution-oriented and dedicated account manager we can turn to. This means a lot for us."

Monica Ekervik Hedman, Global Director of Communication and PR for Gudrun Sjödén Design


Better overview of their communication

Gudrun Sjödén uses Meltwater social media tool, Engage, to communicate with the company's followers and manage all social media accounts from a single interface. Meltwater Engage has optimized their marketing efforts and brought the company a better overview of their activity on social media.

Monika also considers personal relationships with Meltwater account managers important since this helps the company get the most from the tool. If they encounter any problems, there is always a dedicated contact person to provide advice and assistance.


Meltwater Helps Gudrun Sjödén to 

Gain competitive intelligence

Using Meltwater, Gudrun Sjödén can keep watch on important events around the world and gain insight into how they themselves are mentioned in the media.

Optimise reporting

Meltwater's reports help Gudrun Sjödén obtain factual information and real numbers on how they have performed across various markets, as well as which strategies have been most effective. Reports through Meltwater provide the company with a clear overview of past action so they can optimise strategic decision-making around future campaigns.

Improve community management

Meltwater Engage enables Gudrun Sjödén to easily communicate with the company's followers using a single tool, which facilitates and optimises day-to-day operations.