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Greater Than One

Greater Than One is one of few truly independent agencies specializing in the healthcare space. As a full-experience agency, Greater Than One aspires to make the healthcare industry and people better through a customer-centric, people-first approach to marketing. At the heart of their programs exist three pillars: better content, context, and connections. Through a convergence of media (context), communications (content), and technology (connections), Greater Than One aims to motivate and change customer behavior and create better outcomes for the future.

Meltwater Provides Greater Than One With

Social Media Listening

Audience Analytics and Insights

The Challenge

The Augmentation of Traditional Media with Qualitative Insights

To truly exude a full-experience and people-first mentality, Greater Than One needs to understand their clients’ audiences and stakeholders better than anyone. While they had robust media consumption tools on hand to help them understand things like where healthcare professionals are spending their time and the sources they find credible, they were looking for more intuitive and user-friendly ways to augment this data and dig deeper to garner additional context and qualitative insights that traditional methods don’t often cover. 

"Often conversations happening are not the conversations that need to happen for people to find better resources or achieve better outcomes. Meltwater helps us identify the conversations taking place, understand how our clients can participate effectively to add to the discussion, and identify conversations not yet taking place that pose a whitespace to own across social."

Amanda Powers-Han, Chief Marketing Officer

The Solution

While Greater Than One had access to these types of insights across disparate tools prior to partnering with Meltwater, they weren’t easily accessible for a variety of reasons. What drew them to Meltwater was its social listening and consumer insights platforms’ ease of use and depth of insights, which has allowed them to further deliver on the promise of being a customer centric agency and also offer additional value-added services to their clients.

A People-First Approach Through Audience Profiling & Trend Identification

A true people-first approach takes a sound understanding of not only what is being said online, but who is saying it. To drive strategies and ideas, Greater Than One leverages Meltwater’s audience insights as a key strategic input for building audience profiles. These profiles enable the agency to identify sources of information that an audience finds most credible and therefore the platforms or third-party publishers most effective for engaging them. Equipped with these insights, Greater Than One can then run polls on that audience, if necessary, to better understand the conversations taking place, contextualize what’s happening in the broader industry, and improve the quality of their strategic social media outputs. 

To take this a step further, part of truly understanding a client’s audiences involves an understanding of the client’s business itself. To Greater Than One, this isn’t a retroactive feat, but rather a proactive one that involves careful monitoring of online conversations taking place about a client brand, its audiences and stakeholders in real-time to inform go-forward actions and optimizations using Meltwater’s social listening technology. Examples might include trending conversations within a particular disease state or FDA approval on a drug. The result? A nimble and flexible strategy that evolves with the needs of the business in real-time and allows Greater Than One to surface pertinent insights to clients within a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Identification of Key Online Influencers as a Value Added Service

When it comes to healthcare, credibility is key. In the digital world, millions of healthcare conversations are taking place online, and it can be hard for patients and marketers to identify the credible voices leading the charge. Greater Than One quickly leveraged Meltwater’s social and consumer insights solutions to pinpoint a new class of thought leaders - physicians within a speciality (say, opthamalogists) leading the online conversations around specific conditions. Doing so allows Greater Than One to help their clients build relationships with these influencers and engage them in a more promotional sense.

Due to the positive impact this had on client strategies, Key Online Influencer Identification quickly became a service offering for Greater Than One. This offering sets the foundation for strategic initiatives that can then open the door to different activation ideas in terms of how clients can engage these influencers and have them become a true part of their brand story. 

A Competitive Edge for New Business

With a people-centric approach to marketing, Greater Than One puts its understanding of an audience at the center of any new business discussion and opportunity and uses this as a core differentiator when running up against competing agencies. This involves an understanding of the brand, the marketplace, and the customer and then marrying these insights together to develop a strategy and execution plan. What sources or publications do they find most credible or important? What conversations are taking place within the marketplace? Who are the influencers within those conversations?

While Greater Than One cannot directly say that Meltwater’s insights were the reason they won a business pitch, what they can say is that there has been an immense impact on the quality of these conversations because they are able to take a more data-driven approach and demonstrate that they understand the business as a whole better than the competition. And it has now become an important part of any media pitch.

“The greatest value that Meltwater has been able to provide us is the understanding of our audiences and some of the nuances that can come out of looking at real world conversations, as well as the human side of that customer understanding versus it being all ones and zeros.”

Amanda Powers-Han, Chief Marketing Officer

Greater Than One

Greater Than One is a full-experience marketing agency dedicated to healthcare, with specialized expertise in rare diseases, care delivery, and medical diagnostics and devices. Specialized areas of expertise include strategy and advisory, creative, content, digital, media planning and buying, social media, enterprise solutions, and analytics. To learn more about the work they are doing visit