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GoStudent is a marketplace where students (and their parents) can find and engage with one-to-one video-based tutors in a variety of subjects. Their mission is to build the world's #1 global school by precisely analyzing individual student needs, then matching the child with the perfect digital tutor. A tailor-made learning plan is then created while making sure lessons are always creative and interactive!

Meltwater helps GoStudent to:

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Keep an eye on the competition

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Enhance PR reporting

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Discover real-tme trends

The starting point

GoStudent wanted to find a partner to help them:

- Conduct global media intelligence
- Perform trending topic searches for rapid responses or news hijacking
- Accurately conduct competitive analysis
- Create a holistic PR reporting strategy, including measurement of print, TV, radio, newsletter, and beyond paywall clippings
- Analyze and segment coverage based on different indicators such as market, reach, theme, size, etc.
- Optimize communication campaigns across different geographic regions
- Precisely monitor the sentiment in the event of a crisis

Gwendolin Glück - PR & Communications Managerin

"My absolute favorite Meltwater feature is the RSS feed, which was specially developed for GoStudent. I think it can be a game-changer for many other data-driven companies. Analysis and insights derived from Meltwater are extremely useful for me."

Gwendolin Glück - PR & Communications Manager

The challenge

Since GoStudent is a rapidly growing scale-up in the Hypergrowth stage, they are very much about numbers. Gwendolin needed to set up a PR reporting strategy that corresponded with sales reporting. Her goal was to show that media coverage is quantifiable and measurable, just like sales figures. In doing so, the team needed a way to holistically measure print, TV, or radio clippings with online coverage and use relevant metrics to draw insights from the data.

The solution

Meltwater developed a custom RSS feed with GoStudent which now allows GoStudent to collect, segment, and analyze media coverage of any kind all within one platform.

4 Questions for GoStudent's PR & Communications Manager, Gwendolin Glück

What positive effects have you seen as a result of using our software?

"Meltwater's trending topic searches, user-friendly competitor analysis, and PR reporting capabilities have helped us positively increase efficiency. For example, by automating reporting we were also able to save time, and, for the first time, feel confident in the numbers we're presenting."

How did the solution help you achieve your business goals?

"Since the introduction of the Meltwater RSS feed, we have become much more efficient with reporting. Within a few seconds, we can see how many press hits we've achieved during a specific timeframe and pinpoint areas for improvement. Having this knowledge helps us achieve our PR goals."

What measurable effects has Meltwater brought to your company?

"The biggest impact we've seen from Meltwater is a positive change in productivity and efficiency. Looking for press coverage manually, compiling coverage and breaking it down by market, size, origin, topic, etc, then reporting insights back used to take a lot longer."

What benefits have you gained from partnering with Meltwater?

"We've made a quantum leap in reporting and have achieved our goal of making press work measurable. Furthermore, now that we use Meltwater, we're always informed about the latest discussions or trends in the field of education and can react promptly with relevant communication strategies."

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