German University of Technology Oman

Established in 2007, German University of Technology in Oman provides students with the education required to become highly qualified and socially responsible graduates, guided by German excellence in science and technology with a firm grounding in Oman`s culture and heritage. The University fosters creative and critical thinking to advance research and development and, through this, aims at serving society as a whole.

Meltwater Enables GUtech to

Stay on top of media coverage about the university

Keep informed about faculty/ alumni and highlight their accomplishments

Amplify media coverage and build a positive reputation


Lack of visibility into media coverage

German University of Technology (GUtech) strives to become a leading university of technology in Oman and the wider region, thus defining the highest standards in education, research and innovation. The aim is to be the number one choice for students pursuing a study in technology and engineering in Oman and the region Ever since its establishment GUtech has attracted media attention. The university is a research hub and a centre of innovation for Oman and the region. Local media has always shown an interest in the university's news and activities.

The challenge the PR team at GUtech was facing was a lack of visibility into media mentions of the university, its faculty and alumni. There were no metrics in place, making it difficult to assess program effectiveness and establish future strategies. Moreover, few opportunities existed for the GUtech PR team to connect with the students, alumni, and the academic staff and promote their achievements.

"My favourite feature is the morning report. In one glance I can see all our mentions in the media and can use different Meltwater dashboards to analyse the quality, potential reach and value of our media coverage."

Manuela Gut berlet, Public Relations Manager, German University of Technology in Oman


In-depth understanding of coverage in local media

GUtech turned to Meltwater to start monitoring its media coverage. Meltwater's Media Intelligence platform provides GUtech with real-time insights and an in-depth understanding of how their brand image in the media. The PR team relies on Meltwater to analyse the quantity, quality, and value of their media coverage. For GUtech it is important to understand the potential reach of their media mentions and the publications that are talking about them in Oman and the rest of the region.

Thanks to Meltwater's Media Intelligence platform the PR team has now more control over their media coverage. "When the media is interested in your news, quantity is never an issue" says Manuela Gutberlet. Through Meltwater's analytics and insights the PR team is able to identify top tier publications and establish relationships with key journalists to whom they pitch different story opportunities. One of the PR team's focus areas is to highlight the university's academic and research accomplishments, and at the same time, to shed light on students and alumni achievements.


Meltwater Helps GUtech to

Stay on top of media coverage about the university

"Meltwater lets me know of any mention of our university in the media as it happens. This helps me to be up to date with where we are being mentioned and what the media is saying about us. Thanks to Meltwater Media Monitoring solutions I now can track our brand coverage in regions previously outside of our scope such as the US."

Keep informed about faculty/ alumni and highlight their accomplishments

"Alumni are the university's ambassadors to the world and it fills us with pride to track their news in the media in combination with the university's coverage."

Amplify media coverage and build a positive reputation

"It's always such a delight to meet parents of prospective students who follow our news in the media and read about our study trips abroad and how valuable they think these activities are in the development of their children. Thanks to Meltwater we are able to be more targeted and interact with the right audience through the right message."