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Photo of a Gemometrics technical tools


Gemometrics develops technical tools that revolutionise the way the precious stone market assesses precious stones. The company's vision is to make global trade in precious stones more secure. To do so, it's critical to stay updated with respect to industry developments around the world. If new processing methods are launched, Gemometrics needs the information immediately so they can act right away. Meltwater's tool helps Gemometrics continuously stay updated, thereby assisting them with becoming more proactive in their strategic planning efforts.

Meltwater Enables Gemometrics to:

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Optimise real-time monitoring, press release distribution and press room management.

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Enhance decision making.

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Become more effecient.


Real-time monitoring, press releases and press rooms

One of the challenges Gemometrics faced before they started using Meltwater was knowing where to find accurate and reliable information. With Meltwater's media intelligence tool, Gemometrics now receives a report with relevant global information each morning so they can start the day feeling confident that they're always in the know.

"Meltwater employees are extremely dedicated and always there to offer support and assistance".

Johanna Svensson, Sales & Marketing Coordinator


A committed partner - fast and digital

Johanna Svensson, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Gemometrics, makes a routine of reading through the morning media report and making sure that the right information gets to the right employees.

Gemometrics also uses Meltwater's press tool. This makes it possible to get their press releases out in a smooth and flexible way relevant media contacts. In addition to this, they can also measure the results of their PR work through insights supplied by the tool. Gemometrics then uses the integrated platform to publish their press releases to the press room on their website.

"Using Meltwater's service makes it easy to get our press releases out there. One major advantage is that we can easily see who has picked up our press releases and where”, says Johanna. "It would have been extremely time-consuming and difficult for us to keep tabs on whether a little newspaper in Spain, for instance, has picked up our press release. With Meltwater, we can be sure that we will find out who is being reached and who is engaging with our press releases."

"I always feel secure when using Meltwater, even when I published our first press release through Meltwater's tool. Our Account Manager was readily available to walk us through the entire process and make sure that everything was done right".

Screenshot of the Meltwater-powered Gemometrics Press Room


The global journey has only just begun for Gemometrics, and for Johanna and the team, it's important to have a single business partner with global reach so they don't have to rely on disparate local partners. "Meltwater is a dedicated partner that acts quickly and digitally", says Johanna.

All-in-one press solution

With Meltwater, Gemometrics plans and sends out press releases while gaining a complete overview of organisational news in their press room.

Real-time monitoring

Meltwater's media monitoring solution enables Gemometrics with real-time insights, helping them to always stay up-to-date with changes in the market.