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Frisco CVB

Frisco Conventions and Visitors Bureau (CVB) markets Frisco, Texas, as a destination for conventions, sporting events, leisure, and attractions. The city's motto is 'Texas' Rising Star,' and fittingly, Frisco is the fourth-fastest growing city in the US.

Meltwater Enables Frisco CVB to

Acquire insight into unfamiliar markets

Target journalists for story pitches

Report in detail on key metrics


Growing Pains  

Only two years ago, Frisco CVB didn't have an efficient way to monitor coverage and pitch stories to the media. An outdated system made it difficult to measure brand awareness and other metrics.

"Big binders filled with press clippings, that was our monitoring tool," says Director of Marketing and Communications Ryan Callison.

System shortcomings were amplified by the city's growth. The NFL's Dallas Cowboys had just chosen Frisco for their new training facilities. This meant ESPN and other major media would be in town often and invite attention. The city's music venues, National Videogame Museum, and new restaurants all required Frisco CVB's expertise in generating media attention as well. 

"Meltwater is more than monitoring and reporting and everything the tool offers. It's really an extension of us."

Ryan Callison, Director of Marketing and Communications, Frisco CVB


Texas' Rising Star 

The press clipping binders are gone. Meltwater's new platform streamlines processes, giving Frisco CVB the ability to track and respond to media activities centered on the city's events and attractions. They now monitor in real time what's being said, who's influencing the coverage, and where sentiment is trending. 

The communication team provides their board with accurate earned media reports. These include metrics on growth, reach, exposure, and sentiment, categorized by events and attractions, hospitality, and conventions. 

Frisco CVB also has more insight into media markets. Meltwater's dashboard includes a global heat map that reveals international interest in topics such as the Dallas Cowboys, while filtering out mentions unrelated to Frisco. The influencer database then helps Frisco CVB target the right journalists. 

"The influencer database gives us access to writers outside of our usual contacts. We find people who cover a specific beat and will connect with the audience we're aiming for."

Wesley Lucas, Communications Manager, Frisco CVB


Meltwater Helps Frisco CVB 

Use monitoring to anticipate demand 

"Meltwater allows us to catch all the mentions about our attractions and events and track what's being said on social media. It's like polling. We can listen to what people are talking about and know that there are these big waves of visitors coming." 

Target journalists to promote its attractions   

"Our first success with the influencer database was for the National Videogame Museum. We found a writer from Wired magazine and got him to come out and write a story. We knew then the contacts were legitimate and up to date."

Report on reach, exposure, and other key metrics 

"The report goes beyond a list of media mentions. It shows earned media year over year, demonstrating tangible growth. They're impressed because often they're not aware of the reach."

— Ryan Callison, Director of Marketing and Communications