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Fred Perry

A heritage brand hailing from the UK, Fred Perry has established a firm foothold in the Southeast Asian market, with 12 stores across the region, and over 40,000 Facebook fans (SG), 81,000 Facebook fans (MY), 60,500 Facebook fans (ID) & almost 4,000 Facebook fans (VN). The retailer has placed a strong emphasis on their social media presence to engage their young target audience, resulting in an increased fan growth of 2.68% YoY(SG), 4.86% YoY (MY), 0.1% (ID) and a more streamlined workflow.

Meltwater Enables Fred Perry to

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Managing all social media accounts from one place

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Increase fan engagment

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Publish and schedule content easily across all social channels ahead of time


Multiple Channels

With five separate Facebook and Instagram pages to handle, each with their own persona and many operating in different languages, Fred Perry's lean Marketing and PR team were finding it difficult to keep tabs on everything. 

"Initially, it felt like juggling - we have multiple social channels across the region and they have different campaigns going on at the same time," said Anita Chand, Marketing and PR Executive. "We had to keep jumping from our Singapore Facebook page to our local Instagram page in Malaysia, back to Facebook... It was getting very tiresome and confusing."

Fred Perry also found it difficult to publish and schedule unique content across up to 10 separate assets. 


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"By far, the biggest efficiency we have seen is having all social media channels in one place - meaning that we can quickly respond to fans across many regions with ease."

Hazel Tan, Marketing and PRExecutiv


Saving time

Fred Perry started using Meltwater's Social Media Engagement tool in early 2017 and last year has seen positive results with a 54% and 64% YoY increase for fan engagement in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively. 

"By far, the biggest efficiency we have seen is having all social media channels in one place - "With Meltwater's image library and content calendar, it means that we have much better content planning across the different channels," Tan continued.

Being a fashion brand, Fred Perry's audience sits within the millennial bracket. The aim was to meet the audience where they spend most of their time. "Instagram has been a real game-changer for our brand. So many of our fans look to the channel for fashion inspiration and it's important that we have stellar content to match their expectations", Tan said. "We often look at our competitors' top engaged posts to see what content is working for them and see how we can weave that into our planning."

Using Meltwater's Social Media Engagement tool, Fred Perry have been able to schedule and publish content on Instagram well ahead of time to ensure that they keep their fans updated. Tan continued, "The tool saves us so much time, and is so valuable for a small team like us." 


Meltwater Helps Fred Perry 

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