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Football Club Nordsjælland (FCN) photo of a football field

Football Club Nordsjælland (FCN)

FC Nordsjælland is a Danish professional football club that plays in the national tournament's best series, the Super League.

Meltwater helps Football Club Nordsjælland (FCN) with

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Monitoring Brand Mentions

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Monitoring Industry Trends

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Gathering Real-time Analytics

Real-time Insights about the brand, its competitors and trending topics

With a focus on branding, FCN uses Meltwater's media monitoring to stay abreast of brand mentions across online media. This provides FCN with an understanding of the brand's perception in the market, as well as the opportunity to engage stakeholders.

Meltwater's monitoring of the media landscape provides FCN with an overview of not only their own brand, but also trending topics and developments across the entire industry, as well as their competitors. Insights found from such analysis is then distributed in real-time dashboards which can be extracted in order and shared with stakeholders to help improve data-driven strategic decision making.

Football Club Nordsjælland (FCN)

"Meltwater gives us an overview of the media landscape so we know where, when and in what contexts our brand is mentioned."

FC Nordsjælland

Real-time Media Monitoring

Tracking brand mentions

By tracking brand mentions, FCN is able to stay in the know. This is a good status check of the organisation's position in the market and what impact various communication activities have. Doing so also gives them a means of identifying potential opportunities and threats.

Keeping an eye on competitors and the industry

Industry monitoring and competitor benchmarking helps FCN understand what's going on outside of the organisation's four walls. These insights can be used as inspiration when deciding upon their own strategies and communication. For example, if you know a certain campaign went very well for your competitors, you may want to replicate something similar.