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The agriculture industry might seem like an unlikely candidate for influencer marketing. But it’s one that relies heavily on consumer trust, especially in a world where buyers are more discerning than ever about where their food comes from. For agriculture marketing company Filament, building trust and driving impactful change starts with them. The work they do for farmers creates a trickle-down effect that impacts other farmers, agriculture companies, brands, consumers, and greater humanity. So when a few of its clients needed help promoting their horse and chicken feed, Filament used Meltwater Influencer Marketing to recruit the help of influencers to spread the word authentically and enthusiastically.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped Filament:

Supercharge content creation via 56 influencers

Reach 5.8 million users with a $5 million earned media value

Track influencers, posts, and metrics at a granular level

Growing a Full-Scale Influencer Program from Scratch

Deciding to use influencer marketing is the easy part; the next steps are quickly met with questions: Who should I partner with? Where do I find them? How do I vet them? How do I see the content they create for me? And more.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped Filament clear these early hurdles by providing a foundation for its influencer marketing program. Using features like Predictive Mode and Recruiting, Filament set up a “cattle call” of sorts where influencers could apply to be part of a campaign. This was an effective way for them to develop an inbound approach for interested influencers rather than manually reaching out to individuals who may or may not be interested.

At a glance, the brand can also see pending applicants in the Meltwater platform. This tells users whether action is needed so they can be responsive to newcomers and allow them to start contributing to campaigns as soon as possible.

Reaching 5.8 Million Potential New Fans

With all parts of influencer marketing under one umbrella, Filament can keep track of every influencer for every brand and every campaign at scale. Since starting with Meltwater Influencer Marketing the company has launched 15 campaigns across three clients, earning a collective $5 million in earned media value and reaching a total of 5.8 million people on social media. Overall, more than 900 posts have been created on behalf of its customers and have amassed more than 509K engagements (likes, comments, shares, clicks).

Meltwater Influencer Marketing data allows Filament to break down these insights by campaign. The in-house team can see when creators have posted new content for a campaign, as well as the total number of posts in each campaign, engagement levels, reach, and earned media value. This data proves immensely helpful to the agency, as they can demonstrate varying levels of granularity to their clients and show how their work is impacting the brand’s success.

Gaining Macro and Micro Level Views of Influencer Performance

One of the most puzzling questions about influencer marketing is knowing whether your influencer partners are contributing to the outcomes. Meltwater answers this question with confidence with visual data charts that show you who’s making a difference.

Under the Monitors feature, Filament can view the Top People for each brand and see who is driving the campaign forward. In-house teams can see the Instagram profile name for each contributor, then click through to view their profiles on social media. 

In this same feature, users can also see brand mentions on any given day to see which influencers are talking about them. This is a great way to see who might be talking about a brand that should be part of the influencer program (but isn’t currently).

This feature gives brands a direct path to viewing all content related to the campaign. You can sort this content by date or by engagement rates, both of which can reveal your most engaged influencers and how effective they are in creating a buzz.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing data also reveals whether your chosen influencers are reaching your target market. Under the Demographics section of the Monitors feature, users can see key audience details, including age ranges, dominant gender, country, and more. As you add more influencers to your program, see how this data may shift in or out of your favor over time until you reach the audience you desire.

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