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Meltwater customer story: FDIH

The Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH)

The Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH) is an industry association for companies that commercially use the Internet and other digital channels. The organisation's overall goal is to create optimal conditions for successful e-commerce, which means they need to be constantly aware of trends in the industry. In order to stay in the loop, FDIH uses Meltwater's media monitoring, which provides valuable insights that can be shared with key stakeholders. In addition to Meltwater's media monitoring, FDIH is using the PR tool to manage all PR activities.

Meltwater helps FDIH with:

Identifying relevant journalists and experts to share important messages

Planning and sending out press releases, as well as analyzing PR activities

Monitoring industry news and trends from editorial, online and social media

All-in-one tool

Monitor, understand, outreach, analyze

FDIH uses Meltwater's press tool to search for relevant journalists and contacts based on media, interests, subjects or unique keyword searches. As part of its overall press initiative, the Danish E-commerce Association also uses Meltwater's media monitoring solution to keep an eye on industry news and follow up and report on its own PR activities. This makes it possible for PR targeting, release sends, analysis and reporting to be done from one single platform.

Meltwater customer story: FDIH

"I really think like the feature that allows us to search for journalists who have already written about specific topics. It gives us a really good opportunity to communicate the more narrowly-targeted news to our target audience."

Søren Willemoes Poulsen, Communications & PR, FDIH