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Fairtrade Denmark

Fairtrade Denmark certifies, manages and promotes the use of the well-known Fairtrade brand, which consumers find on products and products that meet Fairtrade's international standards. The goal is to improve the working and living conditions of farmers and workers in Africa, Asia and Central America step by step through fairer trade. Fairtrade Denmark uses Meltwater's Media Intelligence platform to monitor, manage and analyse incoming and outgoing communications.

Meltwater helps Fairtrade Denmark with

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Managing PR activities

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Optimising data-driven decision making

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Media Monitoring


A single solution that does it all

Fairtrade Denmark uses Meltwater's monitoring of print, online news and social media to manage the representation of the organization in the media, while also keeping an eye on what's going on in the industry. Fairtrade Denmark also uses Meltwater's press tool to optimise the distribution of press releases, thereby collecting all communication and performance analysis in one place.

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Louise Elver, Communications Director, Fairtrade Danmark

"We have been a happy Meltwater client since 2016. It's great to have a single solution that does it all, where we can monitor print, online news and social media, as well as send out press releases - all at a very fair price."

Louise Elver, Communications Director, Fairtrade Danmark

All-in-one tool

PR Outreach and analysis

Planning and sending out press releases, as well as understanding the impact of PR activities.

Guidance and support

Close dialogue with Meltwater's team in order to ensure that Meltwater's solutions help Fairtrade Denmark increase effectiveness and performance.

Monitoring editorial, online and social media

Overview of the organization's media performance in print, online and social media.

Social Media Analysis Report