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Emory University Goizueta Business School

Emory University's Goizueta Business School in Atlanta is famous for securing employment for its graduates. It has earned a reputation as a high-touch, high-quality MBA program where faculty and students interact easily.

Meltwater Enables Goizueta Business School to

Collaborate with faculty

Celebrate alumni successes

Apply data for crisis management


Mastering the Business of Communication 

Five years ago, Goizueta lacked visibility into media mentions of the school, its faculty and graduates. Metrics were even harder to come by, making it difficult to assess program effectiveness and establish priorities. Few opportunities existed for the communications team to directly interact with the students, alumni, and educators and promote their achievements.

"It's easy to feel insulated in a university environment," says J.Michael Moore, Senior Media Relations and Online Producer. "You want to promote growth and change- that's why you're here- but you can't act without knowing the facts."

Strong ties to Atlanta's business community were important, enhancing the need for positive media coverage. 

"The dashboard tells me where the bulk of the mentions came from, their potential reach, and where we should try to leverage things moving forward."

J. Michael Moore, Senior. Media Relations and Online Producer


Becoming More Educated Educators 

Moore uses Meltwater to automate daily searches for mentions of the school and its faculty. Custom and retroactive searches alert him to alumni in the news, which he often forwards to appreciative graduates or the alumni relations staff that looks for ways to touchbase with graduates. Also, if the dean is to meet with business leaders, she'll be armed with the latest intel on companies.

When a crisis occurs or faculty generate attention for their research, Moore gets complete insight into the coverage within minutes. He can then share his findings with administrators or post any good news on social media. 


Meltwater Helps Enables Goizueta Business School 

Use metrics to increase faculty members' reach and share of voice 

"Meltwater lets me share metrics on what's worked for book promotions. This allows me to reach out and give back to educators, so I'm not only going to them when I need something." 

Alert alumni to media coverage and demonstrate commitment 

"I let our alumni know when their name has appeared in the media. If the coverage warrants it, I'll put the link on Twitter. It's all part of the brave new world of alumni relations." 

Arm leadership with the latest intel to guide strategy 

"The presidential campaign has piqued many interests and evoked passion among our diverse university voices. Meltwater empowers me to track reach, mentions, and sentiment about a subject like politics, and measure the impact it has on education."

— J.Michael Moore, Senior. Media Relations and Online Producer