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Bon Parfumeur / DBL

Digital Business Lab works broadly with Financial Services and Beauty industries, offering clients end-to-end social media solutions and strategy in Hong Kong. The agency’s expertise lies in social media, and approaches challenges with creativity and agility. With the team’s expert knowledge and experience in digital business, they provide pragmatic, affordable and business-centric solutions to clients.

Meltwater Enables Digital Business Lab to

Identify the correct KOLs to work with

Understand conversations happening in Mainland China

Quickly understand demographic data to help with selection


Bon Parfumeur — a French boutique perfume brand approached Digital Business Lab (DBL) for their launch event in Lane Crawford IFC, Hong Kong. After opening in 2017, and as a first step into Hong Kong, Bon Parfumeur wanted to invite key opinion leaders (KOLs) as part of their launch activities with the objective of boosting their visibility in this new market. DBL were challenged to complete the whole process of influencer selection, activation and management in less than a week. 

Apart from the short timeline, each influencer had to perfectly match several criteria required by the brand such as having most of their audience based in Hong Kong and quite young, but also having a high true reach and ideally beauty focused. These elements further raised the level of operational difficulty. DBL needed the perfect tool to help find as many suitable profiles as possible within the timeframe. 

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Xavier Schillinger, Head of Social Media, Digital Business Lab

“[Meltwater’s Social Influencer] tool met our expectation in accelerating and simplifying the influencer activation process.”

Xavier Schillinger, Head of Social Media, Digital Business Lab


Meltwater’s Social Influencer Tool 

Most of our effort and time went into searching and scanning influencer profiles. With the assistance of Meltwater’s Social Influencer tool, the whole process from the activation to the reporting became seamless. 

“Meltwater’s intuitive search engine offered the opportunity to effectively find matching profiles that would align with the brand’s target market,” said Xavier Schillinger, Head of Social Media at DBL. Using the filters in the searching tool helped to finetune the results and in no time, DBL was able to obtain a list of matching profile. 

“We were able to search for Micro-KOLs or Nano-KOLs, and we could also specify the top topic they brought up in their account,” Schillinger continued. 

This process saved the team a lot of time, and helped to deliver a list of influencers to the brand within just two working days. 


DBL’s team would typically spend a considerable amount of time trying to determine the influencers’ demographics and calculate their average engagement rate. Schillinger said, “this tool met our expectation in accelerating and simplifying the influencer activation process. We easily scanned the profiles by looking at their insights such as the true reach, engagement, audience demographics, and even the brands they’ve worked with.”

With these insights in hand, DBL effortlessly and immediately picked the most suitable profiles for the brand and invited them to join the event. They also included video content production into the campaign, with the aim to raise further brand awareness on Bon Parfumeur’s channels in addition to the content of each influencers. 

With a strong influencer discovery tool in place, DBL was able to deliver on their client’s campaign objectives — keeping targeting and time-sensitivity front of mind.  

Meltwater influencer tool screenshot