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Founded in 2018 by Marjorie Poon and Roy Kek, the two friends set up an integrated communication agency DIFY after they saw a window of opportunity to provide tailored marketing services for emerging markets such as the blockchain technology, gaming and esports sectors. Primarily, DIFY provides three core services: public relations, digital marketing solutions, activations and events. DIFY first made its foray into the gaming and esports industries when they worked with a local gaming space provider, Bountie Arena, in 2019. Whilst learning more about the industry, DIFY became more vested in helping the industry to grow. With incredible growth seen in the last 2 years, DIFY continues to champion and support the gaming community.


Clearing Obstacles Head On

To position themselves as a leading marketing agency in the rapidly evolving SEA esports and gaming sectors, DIFY needed a way to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry as they happen. It was crucial that they stay on top of news and social media conversations to identify fresh PR opportunities and story angles for their clients.

DIFY needed to logically quantify their efforts to their clients, and they were required to monitor media coverage to showcase the results that they have garnered. The team had to calculate metrics such as share-of-voice- a measure of the market a brand owns in comparison to competitors. However, manually measuring these metrics proved to be a time-consuming task for the team.

In addition, DIFY acknowledged that it was hard to quantify the results of a PR team and one common way that the industry does so is through Ad and PR value. Calculating these values proved to be tedious and complicated, driving the need for the team to employ a single quantifier for their operations.

"For a fast-paced sector such as the gaming industry, we constantly need to be on our toes. We need all the media intelligence we can have to fully capitalise on what is trending in the industry. With Meltwater, DIFY is able to do that in double-quick time and we are always ready to roll out the next strategy."

Marjorie Poon, Co-Founder and Managing Director, DIFY


Levelling Up With Media Intelligence

With Meltwater, DIFY were able to scale their operations and the ability to monitor and quantify their efforts to their clients. With Meltwater as DIFY's media listening tool, DIFY was able to save time in discovering emerging trends in the gaming industry and quickly inform their clients about their campaigns' media exposure.

Meltwater's real-time analytics made consolidating critical insights such as media coverage and social reach into easily accessible and presentable reports which DIFY used to quickly disseminate to their clients. Meltwater's dashboard and search functions made it efficient for the team to present a plethora of tangible PR metrics to clients in order to provide visibility on the effectiveness of a campaign.

In just a few clicks, DIFY was also able to report an earned media value for their clients, establishing a form of direct ROI for them to evaluate their campaigns. Some prominent campaigns DIFY have worked on include the recent gamescom asia 2021, and clients such as EMERGE Esports and Disney. From highlighting a campaign's potential reach to reporting a Media Value, Meltwater is a powerful tool for DIFY to comprehensively inform and advise its clients.


Meltwater helps DIFY

1. Identify and inform their clients of emerging trends early in the evolving gaming industry

2. Efficiently produce impactful reports and carry out ad hoc search queries

3. Advise an earned media value or direct ROI for their clients' campaigns.