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Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit Metro Airport, or DTW, is one of the ten busiest airfields in North America in terms of takeoffs and landings and handled more than 34 million passengers in 2016. It's an efficient airport, ranking first in North America for on-time performance. Customer service and support is managed by a small team using Meltwater's platform.

Meltwater Enables Detroit Metro Airport to

Be alerted to potential crises or risks impacting their customers

Publish news releases promoting current and future events

Generate goodwill and increased cooperation among airport personnel


Staying on Top of Conversations 

Large airports functioning as international hubs require 24/ 7 communications. DTW's three-person customer service and support team was managing to stay on top of the news, comments, and queries they were actively monitoring during the day, but weekends and holidays saw mixed results. Often the team was in reactive mode, when they wanted to be proactively driving conversations through their news releases and social media. Facilitating cooperation throughout the airport is a priority. Doing this effectively with their small staff was a challenge.

"We needed software that would notify us instead of forcing us to go and try to find things," says Customer Service Director Fran Wood. 

"People have many good things to say about our airport and the airlines. If they aren't happy, we want to know why so we can address it."

Fran Wood, Customer Service Director


Automatic Alerts Leading to Faster Issue Resolution 

Meltwater real-time alerts across traditional and social media automatically notify DTW's media relations staff of any news related to the key words they've chosen. They monitor 24/7 for any crisis or risk at the airport, while also tracking for kudos and other positive news they can retweet to their followers. Meltwater's news distribution feature enables them to send out press releases on current and upcoming events. And by monitoring for alerts impacting their partners, including the airlines and TSA, the team is able to generate goodwill while enabling faster resolutions. 


Meltwater Helps Detroit Metro Airport 

Operate as efficiently as larger airports, with fewer resources 

"As a large airport, we have one of the smallest staff when it comes to customer service and managing and monitoring media. I'm so confident now that I won't miss an alert that I can relax more during my off-hours. Meltwater has given us back the freedom to enjoy our home lives."

— Fran Wood, Customer Service Director 

Receive alerts 24/ 7, automatically, without logging on 

"Of all the companies we spoke with, only Meltwater was able to send us alerts. Because Meltwater has a mobile app, we were able to set it up so we're notified when our keywords require action. Most of the other companies required us to log onto their site in order to see what people were saying." 

— Erica Donerson, Media Relations Manager 

Leverage their customer rep to get more from their platform 

"Meltwater has been very responsive when we reach out. I've sent a few emails saying we need to tweak this or change that, and asking how to do this or that. Our rep has been wonderful and always takes time to walk us through the solutions. Being in customer service, that's very important to me."

— Fran Wood, Customer Service Director