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Cyberport Hong Kong

Housing over 1,650 startups and tech companies, Cyberport is home to Hong Kong's innovative digital technology community. Wholly-owned by the Hong Kong SAR government, the organisation aims to realise Hong Kong's vision to become an innovation and digital technology hub. Built upon its three pillars of talent cultivation, industry development and the integration of traditional and new economies, Cyberport supports budding techpreneurs through funding and a comprehensive incubation process. In 2017, Cyberport and Meltwater forged a partnership to better understand the horizon of Hong Kong's tech industry. Using Meltwater's advanced Media Monitoring capabilities, Cyberport set out to fully track and measure the organisation's brand reputation at the world stage as well as monitor the progress of the various startups under their purview.

Meltwater is able to

Provide comprehensive media analysis to evaluate campaign success

Build a richly insightful report for stakeholders to understand brand's reputation

Develop recommendations for amplification of future events


Prior to the partnership, Cyberport needed a service that could help monitor as well as analyse its publicity efforts and the overall landscape in four key areas - brand reputation, campaign success, awareness of its incubation programmes, and updates on Hong Kong's regulatory framework as well as key topics.

The team conveyed to Meltwater its marketing communications goals and they wanted a brief overview of their brand’s reputation based on media intelligence.

“Meltwater greatly boosted our capabilities in measuring the media coverage of Cyberport. Furthermore, the technopreneurial spirit and impetus of Meltwater resonated with what Cyberport values and advocates to the rest of the world.”

Rebecca Tam, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications


The team at Meltwater identified actionable and tangible metrics most important to the Cyberport team - the volume of mentions in the media, the top sources reporting on their brand and events, and sentiment analysis of the coverage.

By tracking international coverage, Cyberport wanted to better position its brand to attract the best tech companies to further boost the tech ecosystem in Hong Kong. The news sources were relevant to Cyberport because the team wanted to identify media partners which would help amplify their events and campaigns to a wider audience. 

For sentiment analysis, Meltwater's proprietary AI-powered grading of news reports gave Cyberport a broad understanding of how the brand is reported in the news. These measures helped Cyberport improve its campaign management and further optimised recommendations for upcoming events.


Meltwater Helped Cyberport by:

Providing comprehensive media analysis to evaluate campaign success.

Building a richly insightful report for stakeholders to understand its brand’s reputation.

Developing recommendations for amplification of future events.