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CUHK Art Museum

Meltwater Enables CSRP to:

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Track all mentions of all media types, globally

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Monitor sentiment on social media including WeChat

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Create reports on-demand to track performance


As a custodian of incredible treasures of Chinese art and culture, the CUHK Art Museum is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage and excite new and existing audiences and introduce them to its work and its collection.

To do that effectively, CUHK Art Museum needs a flexible and easy-to-use marketing and communications tool, to help it track the reach of its promotional activities.

Founded in 1971, the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong collects, preserves, researches and exhibits a wide range of artifacts that illuminate the rich arts, humanities, and cultural heritage of ancient and pre-modern China. A beloved institution, the CUHK Art Museum has both permanent and loan collections of Chinese art and takes part in both scholarly endeavours (such as museology, archaeology, and art history) and outreach programs to share the rich cultural history it preserves.


CUHK Art Museum’s education, outreach and communications team looks after all the internal and external communications for new exhibitions, as well as promoting regular exhibits and collections, loan collections, art education programs and collaborations with other stakeholders (like partnerships with museums and other cultural institutions). That’s no small task, nor is keeping track of the impact and effectiveness of their various communications strategies.


The museum previously tracked online news by using Google and social media searches to try to see how well they were doing. “With the help of Meltwater, we could capture the mentions efficiently,” said Ms. Heidi Wong, Manager of the Education, Outreach and Communications team of the museum.

“Now, on a daily basis, we are able to check the coverage we’ve received, we can see what people are saying about us on social media, and we’re able to track and aggregate feedback on how we’re performing,” said Wong.

Wong also said one of the team’s favorite features was the daily alerts, which kept them up to date with real-time insights and information about what’s happening in the marketplace. It’s delivered right to their inbox, automatically.