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CropLife Latin America

CropLife Latin America is an international trade organization serving the crop science industry. Their investments in R&D help farmers boost growing efficiencies and food yields. Members include Bayer and Syngenta. Promoting awareness and education play critical rolls in their success. That's where Meltwater comes in.

Meltwater Enables CropLife Latin America to

Monitor their brand and industry-related topics to stay on top of the latest developments

Analyze feedback to improve their courses and drive awareness and engagement

Establish themselves as thought leaders by promoting best practices in their field


Provide Greater Value to Regional Food Growers    

Visitors to CropLife Latin America's website can't miss the pictures of pests and talk of bollworms and panicle blight. This speaks to the organization's focus on crop protection and productivity yields. Five years ago, the partnership of biotechnology leaders decided to assume a greater role in education and created a series of in-classroom courses. They soon saw the possibility of expanding their audience by putting their courses online at no additional cost. Their objectives in selecting Meltwater to help them roll out these courses included: 

- Uncovering all relevant media mentions in the news and on social

- Identifying audience behavior and fine-tuning campaign strategies

- Discovering and engaging new communities and media outlets 

Communications Director Monica Velásquez says, "We've been adding to and improving these courses for more than five years. They include universally accepted best practices, in accordance with United Nations policy. How to feed growing populations sustainably is always topic number one with us. Meltwater plays a key role in getting the word out." 

"We offer short courses aimed at farmers and really anybody that works with phytosanitary products. Meltwater provides the insights we need— about our audiences and our campaigns to continually elevate our message."

Monica Velásquez Communications Director, CropLife Latin America


A Platform Designed for Insights and Education  

CropLife Latin America's goals include promoting biotechnology and supporting adequate protections and regulations. Meltwater allows them to monitor their media mentions and follow the latest reporting and research on important topics such as sustainability and innovation.

CropLife uses Meltwater to reach out to traditional media, while also monitoring and engaging with students and influencers on social. Monica Velásquez says, "We can use this information to modify our strategy on the fly. The real-time feedback that Meltwater gives us is key."

Velásquez's communications team uses Meltwater's heat maps, coverage reports, and engagement metrics to identify in which markets their initiatives are generating the greatest interest. They use analytics to continually tweak their marketing approach and course offering and explore how to get dropout rates closer to zero. Velásquez says, "Meltwater's media analysis allows us to promote the courses in multiple ways. More and more often we see different institutions working with our courses, so in the last year we've worked to build on this momentum."

"We especially like the ability to monitor people's comments on the courses over social media. Meltwater's daily reports offer us great visibility."

Monica Velásquez, Communications Director, CropLife Latin America


Meltwater Helps CropLife Latin America 

Monitor, measure, and report on media mentions and public interest  

"Meltwater shows us all the interest and mentions our organization and partner companies receive. This is invaluable feedback is critical in ensuring our partners see the impact of their continued involvement."

Enlist the support of user groups to refine their product offering 

"When we decided to form a user and influencer group, we identified potential members by looking through top source and engagement metrics in Meltwater. As a result of this targeted approach, response was extremely positive. And the input we've gotten has helped us enrich both our materials and our outreach." 

Connect with and influence students headed for careers in agriculture 

"The biggest impact our courses have made has been with students headed for careers related to agriculture.With the help of Meltwater insights, we can adjust and optimize the communications we send about the courses to attract new students— and keep track of notable alumni who are now turning into advocates."  

— Monica Velásquez, Communications Director