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Cramo uses Meltwater's global media intelligence solution to monitor their own brand and their competitors across both online media and social media. Every month they then receive a detailed report that provides them with a clear overview of their performance in various markets.

Meltwater Enables Cramo to

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Monitor specific subject areas

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Monitor their own brand

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Monitor their industry and competitors


Keeping Watch

Cramo receives a monthly report from Meltwater which helps them to clearly see how wide their media exposure has been across various markets. In addition to this, the reports also help them understand what sparked attention in social media, reach, sentiment, trending topics, the context of conversations and more. By receiving such insights, they're able to gain a clear view of what is working well and what is not, therefore helping them optimise strategic decision making.

Mattias Rådström, Marketing and Investor Relations

"The greatest value Meltwater brings is that the service helps us maintain an overview. I can go into the tool whenever I want and see how exposure looks across editorial and social media, as well as what subjects are driving the conversations."

Mattias Rådström, Marketing and Investor Relations


Monitoring specific subject areas

Meltwater helps Cramo keep watch of not only their own brand, but also what is happening among their competitors and industry too. For example, during Almedalen Week, an annual weekly political summit, Cramo monitored questions about the sharing economy. This allowed them to easily keep track of the volume of discussion, who was driving it and which players were most active in the field. Monitoring this topic was also of interest to Cramo as they wanted to measure the prominence of their presence at Almedalen in relation to this subject.


Meltwater Helps Cramo to 

Gain competitive intelligence

Meltwater helps Cramo monitor their own brand, competitors and the industry.

Optimise reporting

Meltwater's reports help Cramo see how they are performing across various markets on a monthly basis. By doing so, they can determine what has been working well and what has not. The annual reports also provide them with a clear overview of the previous year, so they can enhance decision making with regards to the year ahead.

Monitor subject areas

Cramo relied on Meltwater during Almedalen Week to monitor specific subject areas onsite.